Fire Emblem: 5 Three Houses Units That Just Aren't Worth It (& 5 That Are Incredibly Useful)

Fire Emblem: Three Houses can be quite the challenging game, especially if you’re manic and think that maddening is an okay difficulty to play on. You need to optimize your units, of course, and also optimize which of those units will be joining you on your various quests.

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Today, we’re going to be taking a look at five units that aren’t worth your time, along with five that go beyond just carrying their weight. Let’s get into it.

10 Not Worth It: Ingrid

Using Ingrid really just isn't worth anybody's time, she just can't stack up to other units. She can pick up a lot of skills, and can easily qualify as the incredibly useful Pegasus Knight class. Unfortunately, she's a weak character overall. She's a tough one to deal any damage with, and keeping her alive is a challenge in its own right as well. You can dump strengthening items into her to boost her stats, but there's no real reason to do so over working with other units. When a unit requires that much to be useful, it's better to switch to someone else.

9 Useful: The Leaders

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Of course, every single house leader is incredibly useful in their playthroughs. Edelgard, Claude and Dimitri are all extremely overpowered, and have their own unique, powerful classes that they shouldn't ever be changed out of.

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The three can take on just about any challenge that's thrown at them, and are an essential part of any team composition. Either way, they're rarely an optional unit for most missions, so you're going to be using them whether you want to or not.

8 Not Worth It: Ignatz

Harry Potter is easily one of the worst units in the game. He starts out as a pretty bad unit, and then doesn't get better! Perfect. The Golden Deer student takes far more effort than the other archers (or any of the other classes he can slot into) to get to a usable level for the battlefield.

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Why work so hard to get Ignatz up to everyone else's level when you can just spend your time recruiting Bernadetta? There's just no reason to.

7 Useful: Hilda

Despite Hilda's insistence that she's frail maiden, she is an absolute beast in battle. You can do a few different things with her, but her proficiency with axes makes her a great candidate for Wyvern Lord. As a Wyvern Lord she can cross the field with ease, all while dealing massive damage to her enemies. She can also take a few hits if need be. Considering she's in the house with the most non-useful entries on this list, we're thankful that Hilda is out here carrying half her team.

6 Not Worth It: Lorenz

Lorenz is another unit that just has counterparts in his own house that can do it all better than him. He has proficiency in lances and reason, but he isn’t that great in either of them. Besides, he comes from the same house as Lysithea so why would you ever think it's a good idea to try and outshine her? Actually… scratch that, Lorenz is totally the type to think that he could. But speaking of Lysithea…

5 Useful: Lysithea

This girl is a whole monster. Lysithea is far and away one of the most powerful units in all of Three Houses. She is an excellent gremory, and can even one-shot the Death Knight with little to no help. Lysithea’s biggest problem is her frailty.

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The best course of action is to keep a healer with her and use some HP, defense and resistance increasing items on her. Put in the work, and she's completely unstoppable.

4 Not Worth It: Ashe

There's kind of a pattern in this list, if you haven't spotted it yet. Most of these characters just aren't worth the work they require, there's another character in the game who does what they do, and they do it better. Ashe really isn't good in the slightest. Even taking him up to the master classes can leave him still only doing chip damage, depending on how you choose to train him. Once again, Bernadetta exists. Even if you don't use him though, keep raising his support with the equally useless Ingrid. Adorable.

3 Useful: Mercedes

Mercedes is an absolutely fantastic unit, and is easily one of the best healers in the game. Besides her great spell pool, Mercedes’s ability gives her the unique power of healing herself as much as she heals other people. This is an absolutely fantastic ability, as it allows her to take an active role and keep others healthy, as she is incredibly sustainable. Besides that, she's also able to deal some very solid damage if you need her to. Also, she's an absolutely fantastic brand of car, you know she's reliable. Mercedes is a unit that you should always be recruiting.

2 Not Worth It: Cyril

Honestly, Cyril is the one bad unit on this list that has the biggest argument for not actually being too bad. The thing is, Cyril has some of the best growth stats in the entire game, so the more you work with him, the better he is. However, the later you get him, the harder it is to really tap his true potential. Cyril is different from the others on this list because, yes, he does take a lot of effort to make work, but he's great once you get there. It's simply up to players to decide if they want to put in the work to make Cyril one of their more useful units.

1 Useful: Petra

We stan Petra in this house. The great thing about Petra is that she is going to be absolutely fantastic no matter the classes you put her in, no matter the skills you have her work on, she can do anything well.. She's an absolute beast of a unit that you really don't want to mess with. Besides that, her very small knowledge of the spoken Fodlan language leads to some fantastic encounters.

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