Fire Emblem: Three Houses - 10 Games To Play Once You Beat It

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a great tactical strategy game mixed with some dating simulator elements. While the game can be played multiple ways depending on which house you picked and there are a variety of different endings, at some point, you’ll exhaust the game and run out of things to do.

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In that case, your best bet is to find a game that is similar to keep yourself occupied until the developers at Intelligent Systems roll out another entry for the franchise. While no other game will offer exactly the same experience as Fire Emblem: Three Houses, there are some that can scratch the same itches.

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10 Into The Breach

Admittedly, this is a bit simpler than others on this list and the graphics resemble the older Fire Emblem games, but in terms of gameplay, there’s a lot going for it. It’s the same turn-based strategy game that includes a mechanic similar to Divine Pulse.

In fact, the game isn’t meant to be beaten on the first try or even the tenth, it expects you to go back through time in order to develop new strategies. The units also have a permadeath system, but you can spare at least one with the time warping abilities.

9 Devil Survivor 2

This tactical roleplaying game originally came out exclusively for the Nintendo DS, but a 3DS version called Record Breaker was also released in 2015. The story is about a group of Japanese high school students joining forces to summon demons in order to fight creatures that seek to destroy Japan.

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It’s a difficult game, which makes it appealing for Fire Emblem fans, and collecting demons can be fun. It might be hard to get your hands on a copy, but if you have a Nintendo DS then this is a great game to satisfy those urges.

8 X-Com 2

This is probably one of the more mainstream games on this list and lacks many of the relationship-building the Fire Emblem games have, but it definitely ticks the boxes when it comes to combat. This tactical turn-based game has players control a squad of trained soldiers on a mission to kill invading aliens and protect the Earth.

There is permadeath for units and players can customize their squad like in Three Houses. It’s a great option if you want similar gameplay to Fire Emblem but could use a break from swords, magic, and dragons.

7 Disgaea 5: Alliance Of Vengeance

Disgaea 5 is a tactical roleplaying game that also happens to be on the Switch. While a few years old, Alliance Of Vengeance is one of the better substitutes for Fire Emblem. Players take on the role of a demon betrayed and deeply wounded by the Void Dark, another demon seeking absolute control of the various Netherwolds.

The player must build their own army by joining forces or subjugating other demons of varying powers and wage war against the Void Dark. There are some mechanics similar to Fire Emblem, but the unique ability to fuse characters’ special moves into fusion skills is a fun mechanic to explore.

6 The Banner Saga Trilogy

Much like Three Houses, The Banner Saga Trilogy has turn-based combat along with a deep and compelling story. With more of a Viking fantasy bent, this game has a lot of choices the player can make that affect the outcome.

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Even losing members of your army can lead to dramatic outcomes you might not be expecting. Some fans have stated on second playthroughs they’ll intentionally let certain characters die to see what happens. There’s a lot of replayability and it’s very, very difficult.

5 Stella Glow

Another game for the Nintendo DS, this is a turn-based RPG that’s more light-hearted than Three Houses but has similar gameplay both in terms of combat and relationship building. The player controls a young man who must work to unite four witches in song to overcome the Witch of Destruction.

Go into this game expecting some quirkiness and you’ll be in the right mind frame to appreciate it. It lacks a lot of the depth of story and political intrigue found in Fire Emblem, but it has an interesting mechanic that unlocks new abilities as their relationship bonds grow.

4 Persona 5

Persona 5 made a splash upon release and for good reason, this is a fascinating and unique game to pick up and represents a high point for the franchise. Players are tasked with relationship and chore management almost identical to that of Fire Emblem. The character spends his waking hours strengthening relationships with various characters and completing tasks before diving into the strange world of the Metaverse each night.

This game does lean more on the relationship building than it does combat, with the latter being quite a bit different from Fire Emblem. Nevertheless, if the social aspect is what you enjoyed and you don’t mind trying something new in terms of fighting, Persona 5 is a great choice.

3 Tactics Ogre: The Knight Of Lodis

The first game in the series is considered the founder of tactical strategy. Released over a decade later, Tactics Ogre's sequel is a great substitute for players craving something after Three Houses. The player starts with a paltry army of six but can build to a collection of 32 units from which to form squads. These units come from a range of classes and races, meaning dragon warriors and undead archers are possible.

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Admittedly, Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis is a little older and for the Gameboy Advance; however, if you can find a copy or choose to use emulators, it’s a great game.

2 Valkyria Chronicles 4

This game has a lot of similarities to Three Houses. A group of teenagers are tasked with developing skills and building an army to protect a common interest. Gameplay-wise, Valkyria Chronicles 4 has the familiar turn-based tactical combat and the units have a permadeath system.

There’s even a bit of relationship building that leads to certain perks and benefits if managed properly. This game is also on the Nintendo Switch and it’s World War II setting makes it an interesting deviation from the high fantasy of Fire Emblem.

1 Fire Emblem Series

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the sixteenth game in the series and there are a ton of great titles to be found. Sure they aren’t as advanced or mechanically sound, but it’s the same great gameplay and rich storytelling.

Some recommendations to get you started are Radiant Dawn, Path of Radiance, and Awakening. Many fans agree these are some of the best titles in the entire franchise and are relatively recent, so you aren’t going back to the stone age of the franchise’s beginnings. That's not to say the earlier games are not worth trying though.

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