Fire Emblem Three Houses: Ranking Every Blue Lions Student

When it comes to Fire Emblem: Three Houses, picking which house you're going to lead is a big decision, this place is basically a school for troubled children. As such, today we'll be taking a look at the Blue Lions roster, and ranking all of the students in the house. Of the eight, you've got the most normal count amongst all of the different houses. No social recluses, that's refreshing. Today, we'll be looking at all of the students to decide which are the best of the best. Let's get right into it with the dumpster fire of the group.

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8 Felix

So you don't have any social recluses in the Blue Lions, but Felix is literally a trash monster of a human being, so, ya know, there's a range. He's a horrible person to a solid 50% of the people he knows. Sure, he's nice to some people, but he, as we previously stated, is a trash can to others. However, he's absolutely fantastic in battle, and is easily one of the strongest members of the house. He easily scored doubles on enemies even early game, so his lack of a personality is made up for with sheer skill, so we'll keep him.

7 Ingrid

Ingrid is the exact opposite, yay! Ingrid has a fine personality, she isn't particularly trash to anyone... mainly. She's childhood friends with many of the different members of the group, such as Sylvain and Felix. As such, she's constantly attempting to fix the messes that Sylvain finds himself in. She's... okay in battle? It really depends. If you give her tons of strength items she can be helpful, and has enough defenses to be a solid member of the team, but the use of items that she requires makes her a bit frustrating to deal with. Overall, she's fine, and an improvement over Felix.

6 Sylvain

We love a womanizing monster! Sylvain is just about as sleazy as they come, hitting on just about any woman that he comes into contact with (except for Leonie because he doesn't recognize her as a woman which is hilarious) without hesitation. Manuela? No problem. His teacher? Why not. A scarecrow? Even better. Flayn even hints that he's into men too, so just about anything that has a pulse. He certainly cares about his friends and his missions, but he's gross sometimes and that's okay. He's pretty good in battle depending on how you class him, and is overall a very important part of the Blue Lions.

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5 Dedue

Without delving too deep into spoilers, Dedue was dealt a horrible hand in life, but always tries to make the best of it. He's never mean to anyone at Garreg Mach, despite their feelings toward him. He's loyal to Dimitri to a fault, no matter how much Dimitri wants him to live his own life. Nevertheless, he's devoted to Dimitri and Dimitri alone. He's a good brawler too, and while not as strong as someone like Raphael, is a worthwhile unit to bring out to deal some heavy damage.

4 Ashe

Ashe must be protected at all costs and that is absolutely that on that sis. He isn't that great in battle, sure, but he's adorable. His relationship with Ingrid is truly one of the best in the game. He's a bit quiet, but he has a huge heart and wants to help out his friends as much as possible. He's even out here giving cooking lessons to Mercedes (granted she really needed it because she essentially burned the entire mess hall down, but that's not important). If you train him right he's useful enough, but the reason he earns this place in the list is due to how caring he is for everyone around him.

3 Annette

Annette is Ashe but better. She's absolutely adorable, but also incredibly useful in battle. While she's no Lysithea, she's a powerhouse mage who can provide some heavy damage. She's also got a great personality too. She's incredibly kind, even if she is dedicated to her studies beyond comparison. Her and Lysithea (we're going to keep mentioning her because why wouldn't we) have a great rapport because of this. She's got a strong relationship with the whole house, and takes her training very seriously. Because of this, she ends up at number three on the list.

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2 Mercedes

Mercedes is the definition of a saint. Actually... there are a few people in Three Houses who PERFECTLY match that description but nevertheless, we're talking about Mercedes here. While she's incredibly sweet, she's not afraid to drag on people like Lorenz. The hero that we really didn't know we needed. She's incredibly kind to the people that she cares about though. Combat-wise, she's an incredibly powerful mage who has a specialty in white magic, but certainly can use reason, too. Thus, she can slot in as a Holy Knight or Gremory, whatever is needed. Her skills in battle and positive attitude put her near the top of the list. Let's be real though, was there anyone else that was going to end up at the number one spot on this list?

1 Dimitri

Ahh, Dimitri. Our soft little boy who also can turn into a complete sociopath at the drop of a hat. We love him. Let's not get into any major spoilers, and instead just focus on pre-timeskip Dimitri. While he might be in line to become king of the Kingdom and the other Blue Lion house members, he wants to be treated as only an equal, and looks upon all of them as very close friends. He cares deeply about what they all think, and wants to make them happy to the best of his ability. He cares for each and every one of them, along with other students at Garreg Mach, such as Edelgard. Of course, he's also a powerhouse in battle. As he is a house leader, he has his own class that further amplifies his power. With all this in mind, Dimitri takes the number one spot on the list.

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