Fire Emblem Three Houses: The 5 Best Classes For Female Byleth (& 5 Worst)

At the beginning of the game, the player is given the option to make Byleth a male or a female. By and large, the choice is cosmetic, but there are some minor benefits to choosing either gender, especially when it comes time to deciding which class characters want to roll with.

Female Byleths are granted additional speed and resistance compared to their male counterparts, as well as a class unique to their gender. While a female Byleth can really do well as any class, there are some they’re better set up for as well as some they don’t have as much of an advantage with.

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10 Best: Falcon Knight

This class is unique to female Byleths and caters to their natural abilities very well. Falcon Knights sit astride a winged horse and attack enemies with either lance or sword. This Valkyrie of the Garreg Mach Monastery is fast and can resist many magical attacks thrown her way.

The reason this fascinating class doesn’t rank higher is because it’s better suited for lance fighting than using swords. Nevertheless, the +10 bonus to avoidance makes it very hard to hit this mythical warrior, and she can use her speed in the air to quickly descend upon foes in hard-to-reach places.

9 Worst: Sniper

Byleth is meant to be a sword fighter, as evidenced by her proclivity with swords and being granted one of the best swords in the game. Because of this, it doesn’t make sense for her to step into the role of Sniper who fights primarily from afar with bows.

Granted that extra speed can come in handy as a Sniper, but it’s not a big enough benefit to outweigh the rewards that come with choosing a different class. Pursue it if you want, but there are better classes aligned with female Byleth.

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8 Best: Assassin

Female Byleth’s make great Assassins given their natural advantages with speed and swordplay. Assassins are masters of avoiding damage and detection. They grant a +5 to sword damage, and their Stealth ability makes it harder to get a hit on them.

But where they really shine is the ability to open doors and chests without any keys as well as their mastery ability, Assassinate, which kills a target instantly. Byleth as an Assassin is really fun, and you can’t go wrong with this class.

7 Worst: Warlock

Byleth was never meant to dabble in the dark arts, as is apparent with her lack of magical affinity or natural boosts. That isn’t to say she couldn’t be a wickedly powerful Warlock, just that there are better uses of her time and training.

Warlocks prioritize magic attacks from afar with allies playing defense. This isn’t what Byleth was meant to do with her sword skills, speed, and melee fighting prowess. Admittedly, the Bowbreaker mastery ability is nice when fighting archers, but spend as little time as possible with this class.

6 Best: Myrmidon

Myrmidons are master sword fighters that place an emphasis upon speed to dodge enemy attacks rather than tank them. Given female Byleth’s natural speed, this makes Myrmidon a perfect midgame choice while also taking advantage of those sword skills.

With a +2 bonus to Speed and the ability to Swap places with allies, Byleth can be all over the battlefield relieving injured warriors, providing backup, or quickly charging down those pesky archers.

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5 Worst: Wyvern Lord

Wyvern Lords are masters of the air and strike their foes down with great strength and mighty axes. Being airborne also renders any of Byleth’s speed advantages useless, and the lack of swords means she’s better suited to other classes.

Don’t misunderstand, seeing Byleth astride a Wyvern striking fear into the heart’s of her enemies is a glorious sight. However, it ignores many of her natural advantages and puts one of the best swords in the game in the armory to collect dust.

4 Best: Swordmaster

As established before, Byleth is meant to wield a sword, and the Swordmaster suits this role perfectly. This class values sword fighting and speed above all else, which makes female Byleth the perfect candidate.

With a +5 to attack and a +5 to Critical hits when using swords, this class has some strong abilities. The Combat Art Astra delivers a brutal five-hit attack that deals 30% damage with each strike for a whopping total of 150% damage. It is definitely a class that should be picked up at some point.

3 Worst: Paladin

Paladins are warriors who rely upon strength and armor to see them through a battle and have no use for speed. In fact, this class will actually lose speed over time, which is directly contradicting the advantage female Byleth has in the first place.

The other issues with choosing Paladin is that they rely upon lances to fight and have no benefits for swords. Sure, their 50% damage reduction against bow and magic users is pretty handy, but you’ll lose a ton of your speed getting it.

2 Best: Enlightened One

This is the class for Byleth and Byleth alone. Without spoiling anything, this chosen class becomes available during the story and is the single best class for Byleth to grow into.

It grants a +5 bonus to attacks with sword, nullifies damage dealt by the terrain, and has a nice spread of stat growth. Yet, the main perk of this holy class is the Sacred Power mastery ability. Sacred Power causes all allies near Byleth to receive a +3 boost to attack damage and -3 to damage received. Your units will rally around this beacon of hope on the battlefield, and she’ll be a powerhouse of a character.

1 Worst: Fortress Knight

Fortress Knights are warriors that rely upon thick armor and lots of HP to survive attacks. These juggernauts are meant to defend the other weaker units while wielding heavy axes in battle. While female Byleth can certainly step into the role of Fortress Knight and do well, it stifles her main advantages.

These warriors don’t use swords and suffer heavy losses in speed over time. Sure, the 50% damage reduction against weapons is a great mastery ability, but you’ll need it because Byleth will not be as skilled dodging attacks and moving across the terrain as she once was.

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