Fire Emblem Three Houses: Every Character In Golden Deer, Ranked

The Golden Deer house lies in the middle in terms of strength which is impressive considering their house is comprised of many commoners and few nobles compared to the Black Eagles or Blue Lions. These students hail from the Leicester Alliance and have a heavy emphasis on fighting with bows, which makes sense considering how many commoners rely on these for hunting.

These powerful bow fighters make for a strong ranged army and any player would benefit from their down to earth personalities and skilled archers.

8 Lysithea

Lysithea is considered the weakest character in the game. This is largely because she is the youngest student at the Academy as her magical abilities are stunning for someone her age, but weak compared to her older peers.

In combat she is definitely a mage-based glass cannon. In fact, thanks to her high magic stat her damage dealing outstrips other mages in the game, but because of her fragility she will die if her opponent doesn’t die first. She is skilled in reason and to a lesser extent faith, meaning the life of a damage dealing magic caster is ideal, although she definitely needs some protection from her peers or she’ll go down quickly. She does level up quickly though thanks to her ability Mastermind which doubles the skill experience she earns in battle.

7 Raphael

Raphael is different from many of his peers in that he gave up a life of relative luxury and wealth to become a knight after his merchant parents died. He is obsessed with increasing his physique and as such has some of the best strength, defense, and HP stats in the game.

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Unfortunately, this makes him more of a meat shield as he lacks stats to do much else. His high HP and defense along with his ability Goody Basket that recovers 10% of his HP each turn means he can take a lot of hits, but he’ll struggle landing a hit. Players will find him best suited to be a Fortress Knight and serve as a living wall for his weaker allies, like Lysithea for instance.

6 Marianne

Marianne is the daughter of unknown nobles, but her skills and abilities are hindered by lack of self-esteem and confidence. She is deeply devoted and rarely speaks to other instead preferring to spend time praying or with animals.

In combat she has high magic and resistance stats with an emphasis on faith. Combined with her love of animals this makes her ideally suited to becoming a Holy Knight. She ranks low because her damage output is lackluster and her ability Animal Friend which recovers 20% hp on each turn only kicks in if she’s next to cavalry or flying units. Instead she performs better as a support, either by healing allies or silencing enemy magic casters. She can be helpful, but she is outclassed by her peers when it comes to war.

5 Ignatz

The son of merchants his older brother is more likely to inherit the business so he became a knight, but would rather be an artist and it shows. He also struggles in stressful situations which makes him a liability in combat. That being said, he has done well with the Golden Deer even if it doesn’t align with his interests.

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In combat he is an average bowman thanks to his proficiency in bows, high speed and incredible luck, he is destined to become a Sniper or Bow Knight. His ability Watchful Eye gives him a +20 to hit which is incredibly useful for bow fighters. Due to average stats he is an average member of the Golden Deer, one that could show greater combat potential if he weren’t obsessed with painting and could handle stress better.

4 Lorenz

Lorenz is a snob through and through, although life has been hard for his ambitions as he was run out of the Royal Academy of sorcery after a bloody rebellion in the area. He is obsessed with young women, but his pompous nature makes his courting attempts largely unsuccessful.

Many fans have compared him to a less charismatic version of Griffith from the 1997 TV show Berserk. This is definitely reflected in his combat abilities as he is skilled with a lance, riding and some skills using reason. Combined with his high hp, defense, and resistance he can make for a strong Dark Knight or Paladin. His ability Distinguished House gives him two extra damage so long as he’s in formation with a battalion. He may not be likable, but he is skilled in combat, especially when fighting with a group.

3 Leonie

The daughter of a hunter in a small village, Leonie wanted a different life for herself and borrow money to join the Golden Deer. Her ultimate goal is to become a successful mercenary and she has worked on her skills to achieve this and pay the village back, making her a strong character.

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In combat she is very adaptable given her ridiculous speed and dexterity with good stats in everything except magic and resistance. She is a great physical fighter with skills in lances, bows, and riding, making her a good if not the best Bow Knight in the game. Her ability Rivalry is a bit amusing as it gives her two extra damage and a +2 to damage resistance if a male is next to her.

2 Hilda

The only daughter of a noble house and with a Duke brother she has definitely been pampered and as a result is incredibly spoiled and lazy, preferring to pursue interests in fashion and luxury. Having said that she is a surprisingly gifted warrior and can be a major force on the battlefield, so don’t judge her by her cover.

In combat she is skilled in axe fighting and using lances to a minor extent. With her high hp, strength, and speed this makes her a powerful Wyvern Lord if players train her in flying. Her ability Advocate is interesting in that all adjacent males will deal +3 damage, which means she’s a great team player if your army is largely comprised of males.

1 Claude

The leader of the Golden Deer and heir to the House of Riegan he only found out about his nobility a year before enrolling in the academy, which means he acts more like a commoner than a noble. Though he seems easy going he is prepared to attack at a moment’s notice and is constantly scheming and strategizing. He rubs nobles the wrong way for using dirty tricks to keep his allies alive.

He is a master with the bow and skilled at flying which suits his unique path to becoming a Wyvern Master and later Barbossa. He has high speed and decent stats in everything except magic, which he really wont have a use for anyway. His ability Leicester Lineage raises experience gains by 20%. Pair him with Hilda and Leonie in battle and you have a strong squad.

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