Fire Emblem Three Houses: Every Character In Blue Lions, Ranked

The Blue Lions are arguably the strongest house in the game and have earned that reputation. These noble warriors serve the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus as strong knights and they fight with lances. They are perhaps the easiest house in the game.

These holy warriors are juggernauts on the battlefield and are devoted to maintaining the status quo of the land with their Holy Kingdom reigning supreme. While the members are a little overly pious in the beginning, they make for some interesting characters with great character growth later on. Many fans have stated that playing through the narrative with these proud fighters is a standard run for a Fire Emblem game.

8 Dedue

Son of a blacksmith and servant of Dimitri, Dedue is incredibly loyal to the Blue Lions but unfortunately one of the weakest members. On the outside and on the battlefield he’s a serious and imposing man, but in reality he’s a tender soul who enjoys gardening.

Part of Dedue’s weakness is abysmal stat growth until late in the game. He is skilled with axes and heavy armor and his defense stat is one of the highest in the game and his strength and hp aren’t too shabby. A major weakness is lack of offensive capabilities, his ability Staunch Shield gives him a +4 to defense if he spends a turn waiting, a major incentive for him to take the blows for his allies so long as they aren’t magic blows as he has very little resistance. He’s a Fortress Knight meant to keep allies alive no matter the cost.

7 Annette

After the disappearance of her father she chose to live with her uncle, a baron. She’s a bubbly personality and loves to cook even if it’s not her greatest skill. These interests likely have distracted her from truly applying herself and growing as a warrior.

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In combat she is skilled with reason and axes. The reason she ranks so low is because while her magic stat is solid, everything else is mediocre. To survive she needs to focus on magic growth and all but abandon her axe skills unless she can get her hands on the Crusher axe which is meant to be wielded by her and her alone. She’s a support character with the Perseverance ability that uses Rally to give an ally +4 strength.

6 Felix

The death of Felix’s older brother Glenn has made him a reserved and self-proclaimed lone wolf. He works hard and has devoted his life to becoming a master swordsman. Unfortunately his skill seems more suited to the safety of duels, rather than the brutal reality of man-to-man combat.

He’s your typical Myrmidon fighter and is ideally suited to becoming a Sword Master given his prowess with the sword, high strength, dexterity, and speed. The reason he’s below average is he has very little defense, relying upon his speed to get him out of trouble. Enemies have a hard time hitting him, but he’ll feel it when they finally land a blow or a spell. His ability Lone Wolf gives him +5 extra damage when he’s not assigned to a battalion, which is suicide given how this game works and his aforementioned weaknesses.

5 Ashe

Ashe was the son of poor parents and turned to a life of thievery to make ends meet, this resulted in him becoming adopted by a noble he was trying to steal from who took pity on him. Ashe recognizes the second chance he was given and seeks to honor the opportunity given him.

In combat Ashe is skilled with the bow, has great speed, decent defense and resistance.  His ability Lockpick allows him to open any door or chest he finds without needing a key, while it’s not useful in combat it is useful for progress. He is suited to combine his skills to become either a Sniper or, if trained with a sword, an Assassin.

4 Sylvain

Sylvain grew up with an older brother who was disinherited and sought to kill Sylvain numerous times out of jealousy. While he doesn’t blame his brother for the attacks they no doubt gave Sylvain some early training in self defense. He also proves capable of picking up magic and the ladies.

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In combat he is skilled with the lance, axe, and riding. With his strong hp, speed, strength, and defense this makes him adaptable to a variety of roles. If he pursues a more physical route Wyvern Lord will suit him well while Holy Knight taps into his magic potential. His ability Philanderer gives him a +2 boost to damage and +2 to damage reduction if he’s near a female ally.

3 Mercedes

Although she was born a noble, her father died leaving her and her mother to live in a church when she was 10. She was later adopted by a merchant and found her way into the Academy. Her childhood has shaped her to be a religious and humble individual who seeks to help others.

In combat she is skilled with faith and reason and she has high resistance, magic, and decent stats in everything else. Her ability Live To Serve triggers whenever she heals someone with white magic and she receives the same amount of healing herself. Given this ability and her strengths she is meant to serve the Blue Lions as a powerful Bishop who is arguably the best healer in the game.

2 Ingrid

Her betrothed was killed when she was young and she’s held a grudge against the people responsible ever since. Her family wishes her to remarry due to financial hardship, but she is resistant given the wounds from her fiance’s passing. As a result she holds other knights and herself to an impossibly high standard, which is part of the reason why she ranks among the leaders of the houses in terms of power.

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In combat she is skilled with the lance, riding, flying, and swords to some degree. With her great speed, good hp, luck, defense, and resistance she makes a great candidate to become a powerful Falcon Knight. Her ability Lady Knight gives her +3 to might and +5 to hit with Gambits.

1 Dimitri

Crown prince of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus, Dimitri has already proven himself a capable commander on the battlefield and thrives under Byleth’s tutelage. Despite his noble birth he’s a frank and down to earth individual who prefers the company of his comrades in arms and avenging his parent’s death to the stuffy grand halls of royalty.

In combat Dimitri has incredible strength, the highest of any student at max levels, and has excellent hp, speed, defense, and resistance. Combining his stats with skill using the lance, riding, wielding a sword, and his chivalrous nature he is the perfect Paladin, though he is destined to be a Great Lord.

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