How to Get Fire Emblem: Three Houses At A Discount on Launch Day

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We are just days away from Fire Emblem: Three Houses dropping on the Nintendo Switch. While the title is set to release this Friday, July 26, it might be wise to hold off on any preorders -- especially if you want to save some dough. Walmart is offering a decent discount on the game if it is purchased in-store.

If there is a local Walmart nearby, or you don't mind commuting to one, then it is possible to snag Fire Emblem: Three Houses for only $49.94 instead of the typical $60 on release day. As gaming can be an expensive hobby, anything to shave a bit off the price is welcome, so this is a nice deal.

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The discovery of this discount goes to the folks at Cheap Ass Gamer, who posted a photo of the price tag for Three Houses from a Walmart store. They also report that the recently released Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is also going for $49.94 in-store. Hopefully, these types of deals continue in the future, because they are making Walmart a very appealing place to shop for Switch owners.

Those who aren't privy to information on Three Houses, but are interested in the next Fire Emblem title, should read up on out all of the news that came out of E3 2019. Nintendo heavily promoted the game at the event, laying out a myriad of important details on gameplay and characters. Since it is a role-playing game, the narrative is a very important aspect, so be sure to check out the Three Houses story trailer for an idea of what will be transpiring throughout the title.

The Fire Emblem series is known for its interesting characters, challenging tactical battles, and loads of content. This title is no exception, which might make some wonder just how long it will take to complete Three Houses. Rest assured, the game will give players their money's worth. Just one playthrough requires a significant amount of time to complete, but the game has three branching stories. In the beginning, players are asked to choose one of three houses to instruct, which allows for three alternate playthroughs of the game, each with a different side of the story and different characters.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is releasing on July 26, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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