Fire Emblem: Three Houses - The Best Classes To Use For Endgame

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a tough game and it only gets tougher as you move into the endgame. To complicate things even further there are a lot of characters with a lot of class options and pretty much every character can take on any class.

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This large amount of customization can make it difficult to determine the best team going forward. Fortunately, as fans have been experimenting with the game’s mechanics and levels some classes have shown to be very powerful in the endgame.

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10 Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is a strong attacking class that uses black magic to damage foes. They also possess the ability to make another move after performing certain actions. They have a little bit of tanking ability thanks to high resistance and solid defense.

The reason they don’t rank higher is their speed suffers with growth and their main special is to deal a resistance debuff which is really only helpful if your party is primarily dealing magical damage. They’re a good speciality class for characters like Ferdinand or Dimitri.

9 Bow Knight

These powerful archers ride horses into battle and like the Dark Knight have the ability to potentially move again after doing certain things. They’re stats are a little more balanced, but they lack any helpful abilities in combat.

It’s because of these balanced stats they find a use in endgame, but without them they’re a weak character class. For those looking for straightforward ranged fighters Bow Knights are a good choice, but there are better.

8 Great Knight

The Great Knight has some strong defense without losing too much maneuverability. They too posses the ability to move after performing certain actions. Great Knights receive a bonus to attack damage when using a lance or an axe but should ideally be using lances given their superior stats.

These are great fighters when players need something to quickly respond to threats and hold out long enough for backup to arrive. A character like Ingrid or Ferdinand make excellent Great Knights.

7 Mortal Savant

The Mortal Savant is an interesting class in Fire Emblem in that they are skilled in using both swords and black magic in combat, receiving a bonus to attack damage when using either. This makes them capable of handling a variety of threats.

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Their special skill is a little underwhelming as it grants a resistance buff to the character, which is nice, but only if that character initiates combat. Characters like Byleth or Petra make strong Mortal Savants, but given the versatility of the class any character should be able to hold their own.

6 Wyvern Lord

Wyvern Lords have ridiculous stats like a high level of speed and great defense and health points. But this is offset by a strong weakness to magic and bows which can make them a powerful member of the team or a liability depending on what the player is fighting against.

They have the ability to increase their avoidance and get an attack bonus when wielding an axe. They also have the ability to move again after certain actions which is helpful for getting them out of trouble. Characters like Ferdinand and Sylvain can make great Wyvern Lords, but they’re taught to use effectively in combat.

5 Warlock

The Warlock is a very straight forward class and functions as a damage dealer with black magic. This makes them great to take down strong physically-based fighters who have a high defense but low resistance.

They gain the ability to double the number of times they can use black magic and get an attack bonus. The mastered ability makes them brutally effective against bow fighters. Dark Knights can soften up the enemy with resistance debuffs and then having Warlocks follow up is a great strategy. Dorothea and Hubert make great Warlocks.

4 Sniper

Speaking of bow fighters, Snipers are a powerful class that fights from a distance with bows. They have low resistance so they’re susceptible to magic attacks but they’re high physical attack damage can make it a bit of a draw when fighting magic users.

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They gain the ability to get a bonus when using bows and their bow range will actually increase by one. This is a great class for softening up enemies before they meet your front-line fighters and for quickly taking down magic users if properly guarded. Bernadetta and Ashe make great Snipers.

3 Wyvern Rider

What makes Wyvern Riders stronger than Wyvern Lords is their stats are a little more balanced making them a little more adaptable and able to survive attacks that would take down Lords. Magic users and archers are still major threats, but they’ll survive a little better.

Like the Lords, they get a boost to attack when using an axe and gain the ability to sometimes perform an extra move after doing certain actions. A difference is the ability to deal defense debuffs after attacking an opponent which is helpful for whittling down spongier foes for followup attacks.

2 Paladin

The Paladin is a strong melee fighter that has lots of defense and great mobility. Its strength, defense, and resistance stats are high meaning a Paladin can take a hit and dish it out. They gain an attack bonus when using a lance, receive no damage from the terrain, and can move again after performing certain actions.

What really makes them shine is the master ability that will occasionally reduce any damage received by bows or magic by half. The chance is determined by the dexterity stat which starts out at 12. As the character grows into the class this stat goes up by five which means this ability will trigger plenty of times in battle. Ferdinand or Dimitri would be great Paladins.

1 Fortress Knight

As strong as Paladins are in the endgame, Fortress Knights are by far the strongest class. These walls of metal may lack speed, but more than make up for it with lots of health points, defense, and high strength. Their abilities grant them an increase to attack with axes and their equipment weight will drop by five.

Their mastery ability is the same as Paladins and admittedly it’s a little weaker because their dexterity doesn’t go up, meaning the odds of it triggering will stay at a base of 12. But their high defense stats and beastly hp make them the strongest front line fighters of the game. Admittedly you’ll want a mix of class types, but you definitely want these in the front of the fight to keep everyone else safe.

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