Fire Emblem Three Houses: 10 Best Characters to Recruit For Endgame

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses is filled with plenty of characters to get to know, and even recruit to Byleth's chosen house. If players form a close enough bond with a specific character, or if Byleth is skilled enough in that character's desired skill, they will ask to join Byleth's house. There is a limited time that players will be able to recruit characters before the game's time jump, so players are faced with a difficult choice for who to focus on recruiting. While there are a ton of characters, there are a handful that truly rise above the rest in terms of skill and end-game ability. Here are a few of the best characters to recruit in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

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10 Bernadetta

Despite her shy demeanor and outright fear of social interaction, Bernadetta is a hidden gem among the Black Eagles. With the ability Persecution Complex, Bernadetta will deal +5 damage to any enemy she attacks if she is not at full health (and in the endgame, that's almost a guarantee). Bernadetta is best suited for ranged classes like the Sniper which lets her attack from afar and deal massive damage to beasts and humans alike. Byleth should focus on raising their Strength stat and their Bow skill if they want to recruit Bernadetta. x

9 Sylvain

Sylvain has gained quite a reputation in the Fire Emblem community for being a "skirt chaser" as Dimitri would put it. His flirtatious nature makes him the easiest character to recruit in the entire game. If players assume the role of female Byleth, Sylvain can be recruited almost immediately, which is great because he is one of the best characters in the Blue Lions. Gifted with lance, axe, and riding, Sylvain does well in most Calvary classes as well as Wyvern Lord for a Master class. His ability, Philanderer, grants him +2 to damage and damage reduction if next to a female ally. If players are playing as male Byleth, they should focus on Charisma and Reason.

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8 Lorenz

If players want to hear people go on and on about a "nobleman's duty" for the first few hours of the game, then Lorenz is the right pick. However, his peculiar attitude is not his best feature. Lorenz is gifted with magic and riding skills, so it makes him a perfect fit for a Dark Knight in the endgame. Combine this with the fact that his Paralogue mission gives players a powerful relic that is perfect for him, and players have one of the best characters from the Golden Deer on their team. His ability is Distinguished House, which grants +2 to damage when a battalion is deployed. Players should focus on Charisma and Reason to recruit Lorenz.

7 Petra

Petra is the granddaughter of the ruler of Brigid, and is essentially being held prisoner in Fódlan to get Brigid to cooperate with the Empire. Despite her troubled backstory, Petra is one of the best characters from the Black Eagles to recruit. Her skill is Hunter's Boon, which grants +20 to Crit when an enemy is below 50% health, making Petra perfect for clearing the battlefield of weakened enemies. She would excel at classes that bolster Dexterity, as that increases her Crit chance even further. To recruit Petra, players should focus on Dexterity and Riding.

6 Leonie

As the former apprentice of Jeralt, it's no surprise that Leonie is a powerful soldier. She specializes in several fields, specifically bows, lance, and riding skills. Leonie's skill is Rivalry, which grants +2 damage and +2 damage reduction when next to a male ally, which would pair well with Sylvain's skill. Those looking to recruit Leonie will want to focus on Strength and Lance.

5 Ingrid

Ingrid is one of the female companions in the Blue Lions, and she has great aspirations to become a Knight. Fortunately, her skill set  allows her to easily advance through the Soldier class of skills. She can fit well into nearly any role, from Cavalry to airborne units, allowing her to quickly control sections of the battlefield.  While Falcon Knight may not be the best class for Female Byleth, it is a great fit for Ingrid. Her skill, Lady Knight, grants Ingrid +3 Might and +5 Damage when using a Gambit, making her great with Battalions.

4 Shamir

fire emblem three houses shamir

Shamir is one of the few characters who work for the Church of Seiros that can be recruited to Byleth's house. Shamir is an excellent marksman who joins the team as a Sniper, one of the best classes in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Unlike most characters, Shamir does not have a specific skill requirement and can be recruited around Chapter 7. She excels at long-range combat, and serves as one of the best archers in the game.

3 Mercedes

Also from the Blue Lions, Mercedes is a powerhouse medic that every player needs on their team. With a natural affinity for Faith and Reason, she would make a superb Bishop or Gremory. Her unique skill makes it so when she heals a unit, she is also healed for that amount - effectively negating the need for a secondary healer if the player is brave enough. To recruit Mercedes, players will need to have a strong focus on Magic and Bows while planning out how to spend free days,

2 Felix

If players want to make sure something gets killed quickly, Felix is the unit for the job. Felix is a master swordsman who excels at quickly cutting through any unit that stands in his way. His high Dexterity and Speed allows him to quickly engage units and dispose of them quickly, especially if classed into either Swordmaster or Mortal Savant (assuming players have him overcome his Reason weakness). To recruit Felix, players will need to focus on Speed and Swords. While Mortal Savant may not be the best class for Male Byleth, it certainly works wonders for Felix.

1 Lysithea

fire emblem three houses lysithea

If Mercedes was the powerhouse of Faith magic, Lysithea is the powerhouse of Reason. Lysithea is the shining star of the Golden Deer in terms of late-game power. With her Mastermind skill, Lysithea gains double skill experience from combat, which allows her to quickly go up in skill levels. If players dip into Faith as well, she makes a perfect Gremory. One Fire Emblem Three Houses pro tip is to equip Nosferatu sine it negates any "glass cannon" fears players may have about Lysithea. Players need to focus on Magic and Faith to recruit Lysithea.

Whether players are just playing Casual mode or prepping for the upcoming Lunatic difficulty, players should definitely seek out these characters during their playthroughs. These students are the cream of the crop at Garreg Mach and are worth the effort to recruit. Recruiting these students and should make every Three Houses playthrough a breeze.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is available now exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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