‘Fire Emblem’: New 3DS Game Announced; Shin Megami Tensei Crossover Trailer Debuts

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Fire Emblem 3DS 2016

It’s been a couple years since we’ve gotten a new entry in Nintendo’s popular strategy RPG series, Fire Emblem. Nintendo managed to whet the appetite of fans earlier this year as a teaser trailer for a new 3DS game was shown during a Nintendo Direct presentation though details were scarce. Since that time gamers have been chomping at the bit to find out more information on the upcoming title.

Fans who have been waiting patiently finally received some good news about a pair of highly anticipated Fire Emblem games earlier today in a new Direct presentation from Nintendo.

As part of the Nintendo Direct video posted today, Senior Product Marketing Manager Bill Trinen confirmed that the long running series is set to receive a new entry on the 3DS handheld in 2016. While the game does not currently have a title, Trinen did reveal that players will be able to customize their hero and choose between two kingdoms that are currently at war with each other. Trinen went on to detail that based on the choices the player makes in the campaign, the story and various outcomes will differ significantly.

Both kingdoms that the player can select will offer a different experience, with the peace-loving Hoshido representing a more accessible and traditional style of Fire Emblem gameplay as opposed to the glory-seeking Nohr kingdom which promises a greater gameplay challenge.

Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem

It’s been a long road for Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, which has recently been out of the spotlight for over a year. The crossover project from Atlus and Intelligent Systems was originally announced back in 2013 for the WiiU but little is known about the title. Fans were finally treated to a brand new trailer showing off the game’s cast of characters, though not much else was revealed about the title.

After being revealed earlier this year in another Nintendo Direct trailer, details have been scarce for this new 3DS entry in the Fire Emblem series. With a release date of 2016, Nintendo has plenty of time to tease fans with new information and should be a major presence in Nintendo’s E3 plans.

The Fire Emblem series has been in the spotlight recently, benefiting from the popular 3DS title Fire Emblem Awakening and also a number of their characters being playable in Super Smash Bros. With a pair of titles on the way for both the WiiU and 3DS, the series’ popularity is set to rise even further.

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Source: Nintendo Direct