Fire Emblem Heroes Wedding Event Announced

fire emblem heroes bride wedding event

Nintendo has announced a new update event for its free-to-play RPG Fire Emblem Heroes. Entitled "Bridal Blessings," the upcoming event centers around the addition of four special heroes and kicks off on May 30. That day, Fire Emblem Heroes players will be introduced to a handful of never-before-seen female characters, explore a new Paralogue Chapter, and venture through new Special Quests. The event is set to last two weeks, wrapping on June 13.

Nintendo confirmed the upcoming event in a video posted on its official Nintendo Mobile YouTube channel. "Here comes the bouquet," the Bridal Blessings trailer reads, establishing the dynamic for what is, admittedly, a strange minute-and-a-half of pre-martial madness.

The new Fire Emblem Heroes characters exclusive to the "Bridal Blessings" event are Caeda, Charlotte, Cordelia, and Lyn, all of whom are dressed in varying shades of white. Additionally, each hero has a set of skills that can be learned once a player reaches the five-star tier.

1. Caeda

Caeda is Talys's blue-haired bride, shown sighing wistfully in the event trailer. "I believe in love," Caeda says. But players shouldn't be fooled by her apparent daydreaming tendencies. Caeda is a blue mage unit, equipped with a weapon known as Blessed Bouquet+, which grants allies within two spaces two additional defense and resistance stat points through their next actions after any combat is initiated.

Caeda carries a special skill, Iceberg, which boosts damage dealt by 50 percent of her overall resistance. The red-ribboned bride has two supplementary skills: Attack/Res 2 and Hone Speed. Using these, Caeda can increase attack and resistance by two stat points and grant allies four extra speed points through their next actions at the start of each turn.

2. Charlotte

Then comes Charlotte, also known as the "Money Maiden." Charlotte is shown wearing a pale teal sash atop her wedding dress, along with a matching bow in her long blonde hair. As a blue infantry unit, Charlotte carries a First Bite+ spear that grants allies within two spaces two extra defense and resistance stat points through their next actions after she kicks off combat.

Charlotte also possesses a support/healing skill called Smite that pushes adjacent allies two spaces away from her. Her arsenal is rounded out by Wind Boost, which grants her a six-point speed boost during combat so long as she has a minimum of three more HP than her enemy, and Threaten Attack, which diminishes by five the attack of opponents within two spaces of her at the beginning of each turn.

fire emblem heroes bridal wedding event

3. Cordelia

The flame-locked Cordelia, the "Perfect Bride," is the third new hero joining Fire Emblem Heroes. Cordelia is a bow-wielding infantry unit who can use her Cupid Arrow to boost defense and resistance to allies within two spaces of her after she initiates a fight. Cordelia's weapon is also effective against fliers.

Her Rally Attack/Speed skill bumps up both attack and speed by three stat points. Cordelia gets extra lucky with her Escape Route skill, as it allows a player to warp to an ally unit, provided their own HP is under 50 percent, and her Breath of Life skill that grants her ally-healing abilities.

4. Lyn

Last on the list of blushing brides is Lyn, the "Bride of the Plains." Lyn is a healer by nature, and wields a staff not unlike that of Overwatch's Mercy. Her weapon, Candlelight, blocks her enemies from counterattacking after a battle.

Like all good healers, Lyn packs a Rehabilitate skill that boosts the recipient's HP by seven or more, depending on how low their HP percentage is. Lyn's Swift-Winds Balm makes her allies quicker on their feet, boosting their speed by four stat points, and her Dazzling Staff prevents her from facing counterattacks.

fire emblem heroes paralogue new characters

Bridal Blessings follows just a few months after the game's "Sibling Bonds" drop and "Blazing Shadows" update, both of which added characters and missions galore. Karel, Ninian, Lucius, Priscilla, Jaffar, and Rebecca from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade were added in Blazing Shadows, and six new characters from a slew of Fire Emblem titles joined up for the Sibling Bonds content drop.

While the Bridal Blessings event is undoubtedly quite different from its most recent predecessors, Nintendo likely has little cause for concern when wondering how the update will be received. Just last month, a report out of Tokyo indicated that Fire Emblem Heroes is more profitable than Super Mario Run. With financial success (and apparent industry clout) of that degree, it's clear that Fire Emblem Heroes fans are seriously hooked, coming back for more each time an update drops. It seems that the late May Bridal Blessings event will be no exception.

Fire Emblem Heroes is available now on iOS and Android. The game's new Bridal Blessings event kicks off on May 30, 2017 and will run until June 13, 2017.

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