Players of Nintendo’s newest mobile game, Fire Emblem Heroes, use ‘re-rolling’ to get better characters, by deleting and reinstalling the game over and over for better summons.

Nintendo’s latest mobile game, Fire Emblem Heroes, arrived on Android and iOS earlier this week. A tactical RPG, the game allows players of the mobile title to collect and assemble teams of characters from across the Fire Emblem franchise. Each character has their own stats (including HP and attack) as well as types (along with weaknesses and strengths against certain types) and star ratings too. The better the star rating and the better the stats, the easier the game’s battles will be, which is why so many Fire Emblem Heroes are going to extreme lengths for better characters.

To get new characters, Fire Emblem Heroes players must “summon” them using Orbs. Orbs can be earned for free or purchased, and the game gives players a discount if they summon characters in bulk, making 20 Orbs the most “cost-effective” way to summon. When Fire Emblem Heroes players first begin the game, it gives them 15 for completing the tutorial, two more Orbs just for logging in and nine for completing the first three Heroes story missions.

Fire Emblem Artwork

So, what some very committed Heroes players are doing is playing through these sections of the game, spending the Orbs on summons in the hope that they will get a great haul, and if they aren’t satisfied with the stats and stars of their summons, they will delete the entire game and their data and start the process all over again. Keep in mind that Fire Emblem Heroes requires a mandatory download and install over 300MB of data and the missions take a few minutes to complete even if players speed-run it. Moreover, the likelihood of getting a 5 star character is tiny (there’s a 6% chance) so this method (called re-rolling) isn’t easy.

Admittedly, the lengths that Fire Emblem Heroes players will go through to get characters with good stats or to get their favorite character with the best star rating are no different from super fans of other games. Players of Pokemon Sun and Moon do the most to get shiny starters, and players are also putting in hard work to unlock every piece of Overwatch loot. Putting in the extra work to have the edge in a game is not a new or novel concept, so the fact that players have come up with Fire Emblem Heroes re-rolling method isn’t a huge surprise.

But on the other hand, some may criticize the way that Orbs work and the way that Heroes presses fans to spend money and to re-roll for better characters is exploitative. Undoubtedly, those who don’t fancy trying their hand at re-rolling or grinding, but want better characters, will just shell out real money for Orbs, making this a devilishly smart business model or horribly exploitative. So, could Orbs and character summons help Fire Emblem Heroes beat Pokemon GO, which has now made $1 billion? Only time will tell.

Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iOS and Android.