Fire Emblem Heroes Has Made $5 Million in Just One Week


Nintendo president Katsumi Kimishima confirms that new mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes made $5 million in just one week after it launched on iOS and Android.

Released last week as part of Nintendo's plan to launch two to three mobile games a year, is Fire Emblem Heroes. Letting players collect and put together teams of characters from previously released Fire Emblem games, Heroes is a tactical RPG with a story mode, PvP and, of course, a free to play business model. Fire Emblem Heroes players can put up some real cash to buy currency, helping them get the best characters for their teams.

Although there have been some concerns that Fire Emblem Heroes' monetization 'exploits' the love that Fire Emblem fans have for their favorite characters, it seems that many players are still interesting in spending real money on the game. Speaking to TIME, Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima revealed that the game has already made $5 million in revenue, a week after its initial release. The Nintendo executive also revealed that the game had been downloaded over a million times in half a day after it launched on iOS and Android, though it's unclear what that download figure looks like today.

No doubt, many will be quick to compare Fire Emblem Heroes' revenue to that of other mobile titles based on Nintendo properties, Pokemon GO and Super Mario Run. Super Mario Run made $14 million in its first three days while Pokemon GO has now made $1 billion and so some may suggest that Heroes is a 'failure' because of it. Though, it should be noted that the Fire Emblem franchise is nowhere near as popular as the likes of Mario and Pokemon and Heroes got nowhere near the same amount of promotion as the other mobile games, so $5 million is actually an impressive stat.

In fact, Fire Emblem Heroes may have made even more money had it not been for some very resourceful players who found a way to avoid having to pay for the game's microtransactions. Right after launch, Fire Emblem Heroes players started to use 're-rolling,' or restarting the game again and again to earn summon orbs, in order to get better characters without having to spend hours upon hours grinding or spending real money on buying orbs. Had it not been for that, that $5 million figure probably would have been even higher.

And the game is likely set to make even more money in the coming months. It has been confirmed that Fire Emblem Heroes will add new stories twice a month, while the game's daily events and summon orbs for daily log-ins keep people playing every day. As long as Heroes can keep players engaged, it will keep making money and so that revenue figure is expected to rise.

Fire Emblem Heroes is now available for iOS and Android.

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