Nintendo Takes Aim at Fire Emblem Heroes Cheaters

Nintendo Fire Emblem Heroes cheaters

Nintendo has taken aim at Fire Emblem Heroes cheaters with a series of new countermeasures that fight back against players who use exploits to get ahead in the new mobile game. In a message issued via the Fire Emblem Heroes in-game notification system, Nintendo thanks the user for playing while also stating that it has "detected improper use from some players" and that countermeasures including "temporarily limiting access to certain features" will be rolled out. Affected players will receive a notification in the "to you" section of the notifications.

Although Nintendo didn't disclose exactly how Fire Emblem Heroes have been cheating, it does encourage players to read the game's User Agreement including the Code of Conduct. Some players have also suggested whether Nintendo did this to combat hacks and exploits that offer players unlimited summon orbs.

Summon orbs are used to get new characters in the game and grinding for them, or using Fire Emblem Heroes' re-rolling tactic, can be a pain. It's very possible that some players have resorted to cheating in order to get them, which is, obviously, against the rules.

Moreover, some players have questioned whether this is over 'clear' hacks to get better characters. Even spending the most economical amount of summon orbs (20 orbs is the most cost effective) doesn't guarantee players good, five star characters, as there is just a 6% chance of getting a five star character or higher. As such, it wouldn't be surprising if some players were using unauthorized measures to get around those incredibly slim summon chances.

As Fire Emblem Heroes is, in part, a multiplayer game, Nintendo may be going to these lengths to ensure that everyone can battle on a level field. No doubt, the company is also doing this in order to protect its own, financial interests. Fire Emblem Heroes has already made $5 million in revenue but if players are able to get away with using exploits and hacks, thus avoiding the need to spend on microtransactions, the money that Nintendo makes from the game could take a serious hit.

Many will be hoping that these countermeasures do the trick so that Nintendo can focus on more worthwhile updates to the game. Following the Fire Emblem Heroes update that added new character and missions to the game, players are patiently awaiting what Nintendo will deliver next.

Fire Emblem Heroes is now available for iOS and Android.

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