Nintendo unveils the first-ever Fire Emblem title arriving for mobile devices in the form of Fire Emblem Heroes, allowing fans to take charge of their favorite warriors.

A few years ago it seemed almost absurd that Nintendo would ever be releasing its games on mobile platforms, and yet here gamers are. With Super Mario Run marking the company’s second title aimed at mobile phone users, the firm has now pulled the curtain off of yet another major IP making its way to outside hardware in the form of Fire Emblem Heroes. Following news that both Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing would be making their way to mobile devices in the future, Nintendo has now shown off the debut installment of the Fire Emblem series on Android and iOS devices.

Fire Emblem Heroes was formally announced during a recent Nintendo Direct presentation that focused on the Fire Emblem franchise. While fans of the IP were delighted to learn about a new entry in the series arriving for the Nintendo Switch in 2018 – as well as an update on the Fall 2017 release of Fire Emblem Warriors on Switch and New Nintendo 3DS – the primary focus of the showcase was placed on Heroes. As it turned out, this was for a good reason, as it was confirmed that the game is set to arrive on Android’s Google Play Store on February 2, 2017. Fans utilizing Apple products, however, have been left with an unspecified window of “coming soon”.

Those hoping to catch the Fire Emblem Direct, featuring in-depth look at Fire Emblem Heroes, can do so below.

Given that Super Mario Run launched on Apple’s App Store as a timed-exclusive, some may have thought that Nintendo would follow this trend with its future titles. While this clearly isn’t the case, it’s odd that the Big N doesn’t have a firm date in mind for the iOS launch of Fire Emblem Heroes – especially when the software’s Android arrival is just around the corner.

Also unlike Super Mario Run, this iteration of FE will be free-to-play, although Nintendo didn’t specify just how that premise would play out. In the meantime, the aesthetics of the game running on a mobile device certainly make it appear as if it is a simpler version of the fan-favorite, turn-based RPG. Utilizing a smaller map that occupies the entirety of the screen, longstanding fans can at least find solace in the fact that their favorite heroes will be featured within the finished product in due time.

Having said that, those hoping to secure their favorite Fire Emblem character sooner rather than later can head on over to the official Fire Emblem Heroes website to vote for the “hero” they want the opportunity to add to their team first.

Fire Emblem Heroes arrives for Android on February 2, 2017 via the Google Play Store, with an iOS release said to be “coming soon”.