Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing Mobile Games Delayed Because of Super Mario Run

Nintendo confirms that planned mobile games for both Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing have been delayed, due to the upcoming release of the recently announced Super Mario Run.

It may have taken a while, but Nintendo has joined mobile gaming with a bang. Pokemon GO been an unprecedented commercial success, and the company has now announced its next mobile game in the form of Super Mario Run. However, some gamers may have been wondering exactly what happened to a pair of other mobile titles that Nintendo was expected to release – namely mobile games based on Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem.

As it turns out, the development and release of Super Mario Run has forced Nintendo to push back its plans to release these other smartphone titles. The company has advised that the launch of both Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing into the mobile gaming market has now been delayed, meaning that the previous estimated launch window of 2016 is going to be missed.

"After the launch of Super Mario Run in December, Nintendo plans to deliver its previously announced mobile device titles in the Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem series," revealed Nintendo in a statement. Apparently, Nintendo felt with was "appropriate" for Mario's mobile outing to launch before either of these two games. However, the company is still anticipating meeting a deadline of March 2017, so fans of both series have that date to put in their calendars.

Super Mario Run Not Coming to Android This Year - Super Mario Run logo and gameplay

The March 2017 date fits with previous estimates that Nintendo had given, with the company aiming to launch five mobile games before that deadline. As it stands, the company will at least come close to meeting that expectation, with Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing bringing the crop of mobile games up to four. Although that may seem like a tight timeframe to launch multiple games, the mobile market’s more fluid nature and quick development cycles mean that Nintendo is unlikely to be worried.

The announcement of Super Mario Run came as a bit of a shock to fans. Nintendo guru Shigeru Miyamoto made a surprise appearance during a live Apple event and revealed the existence of the game, as well as some details surrounding the project. The title will initially release for iOS in December, but the game will not make its way to Android until 2017. Acting as a platformer-meets-free runner, Super Mario Run will not include microtransactions, and instead will come at a fixed price point.

Whether Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem follow suit remains to be seen, although one may suspect that Animal Crossing’s emphasis on building and creation would be prime picking for cosmetic in-app purchases. However, with Super Mario Run now the center of attention, it may be a while before details surrounding both Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing mobile projects appear. Hopefully, fans will be happy when Nintendo is able to share more about the games.

Super Mario Run will be released for iOS devices in December 2016, with an Android release expected in 2017. Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing mobile titles are scheduled to arrive before March 2017.

Source: Polygon

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