The Last 'Halo 3' Easter Egg Has Been Found

Halo 5 Confirmed for 2014


After seven long years, the very last (or what we assume to be the last) Halo 3 Easter Egg has been found. And it's a…happy birthday message?

About two years ago, one Halo 3 developer revealed that, amid the known Easter Eggs, in-jokes, and references, there was still one Easter egg left undiscovered within Bungie's shooter. The developer didn't say much, but he did reveal that the Easter egg only appears on a specific day.

And while many sought out the final egg in the hopes of uncovering some revelatory secret, the folks at Beyond Entertainment apparently got to it first. Check out their finding in the video above.

As it turns out, the final Easter Egg for Halo 3 was nothing more than a special message from a husband to his wife. The egg only triggers at the Halo 3 game loading screen on December 25th, presumably the developer's wife's birthday, and reads "Happy Birthday Lauren." Even then, though, players won't actually see the message unless they hold down both joysticks and look very closely.

Halo 5 Confirmed for 2014

So, while the last of the Halo 3 Easter Eggs didn't feature Master Chief's face or a grunt dance party, it's still a sweet token of affection from a game dev to his wife. Unfortunately, with the upcoming Master Chief Collection slated to completely revamp the Halo menus into one streamlined experience, the message will be lost to the ages...or the Xbox 360.

At the same time, hearing former Bungie composer Martin O'Donnell's iconic Halo score only increases our anticipation for the Collection, which compiles all four of Master Chief's adventures into one Xbox One disc. More importantly, though, the Collection preserves the playing experiences of all four games in both single player and multiplayer. That means Halo 2 online will play exactly like you remembered it, and better yet 343 Industries is remaking six additional, classic Halo 2 maps in a completely new engine. So far, they have announced Coagulation and Ascension.

What is your favorite Halo Easter egg? Were you hoping the "last Easter egg" would be something else?


Source: Beyond Entertainment

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