Final Fantasy XIV Player Builds Entire Japanese Town Inside of a House

ffxiv player builds town in house

A Final Fantasy 14 player in Japan who focuses on home decoration created an entire Japanese town inside of their in-game mansion.

Square Enix's massively multiplayer role-playing game Final Fantasy XIV has grown into one of the most played MMOs of all time. It has become so popular, that even Spider-Man star Tom Holland starred in an ad for a recent expansion. The game’s fanbase approaches the game in a lot of different ways, and for many of them, that includes purchasing and decorating homes. 

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This has lead to some masterful creations, but the most-recent marvel comes from Twitter user norakiba, who goes by Nora Rappy. rappy has created an entire Japanese town inside of their mansion, complete with tress, shops, and wall decorations that emulate the outside.

The densely-decorated house, which Rappy showed off in a video posted in a Tweet, truly feels like an outdoor space. The lighting creates a nighttime scene, with the mansion ceiling fading into darkness like a night sky. Shopkeepers tend to their shops, and an artful use of vertical space makes the miniature town twist upward on itself for added scale. 

The incredibly delicate and artful layout of the space feels like it could have been designed by Square Enix itself for one of its Final Fantasy titles. It has a surprising depth despite the small size of the space, and an attention to detail that makes it feel lived-in even though it features only a single resident.

To build a small town like this, Rappy would have had to make a lot of in-game purchases which would have required a huge dedication and commitment to Final Fantasy 14. However, this feat becomes more impressive if you scroll through their Twitter feed. 

It looks like this user has made a name and identity for themselves simply out of constructing beautiful indoor spaces for homes in the Final Fantasy 14. All of them feel unique and cohesive; and they come from different inspirations which Rappy translates well throughout each theme. Other creators in games that allow for building have taken to modding to get the visual style they need. Rappy designs homes that simply use in-game materials, and through that they achieve awe-inspiring results.

The Japanese Town represents a unique take on the game’s creative tools. The way Rappy brings an interior to life as an exterior requires a deeply creative eye, and the resulting space is undeniably very special. It may seem strange to play the MMO in this way, but the results make the time worthwhile. 

Final Fantasy 14 is available now for PC and PlayStation 4.

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Source: Destructoid

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