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The pre-launch trailer for Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIV has been released and it's looking pretty. The trailer boasts a slew of gorgeous environments and showcases the top-notch work they've done on their character design. Everything about the gaming world they have created looks visually stunning, as Square Enix is known for doing. The game has been in the works for some time and the beta has been running to work out the kinks since mid-July.

So, don't get me wrong here, the trailer is visually incredible, but it isn't selling me on the game itself. I mean, sure, great looking cinematics and visually stunning environments are nice to have, heck, they are necessary in a trailer. But that isn't all that is necessary. The trailer that they've released is lacking hard in one category--gameplay. The gameplay is not showing through enough at all. I mean, we know all the classes in the game, we know the races. Now we want to see them working in their world! Maybe it's just me, take a look and see for yourselves ranters:


There are a lot of beautiful environments they are showing, this is for sure. There are also a lot of emotions that they are conveyed through the players' avatars, but I don't think anyone is going to pay a monthly subscription to smile at each other with online avatars. Sure, they dance, laugh, grin, frown, and cry, but I am not seeing enough of the battle system or crafting systems to really want to spend the money on it. The tiny bit of video you see of the battle system just looks like every other turn-based final fantasy battle system. Though I am sure it is different, who is to know when you don't get to witness it?

So, are you sold on the game? Or are you another one of the many who are wondering if they are just trying to surf by on hype alone? Final Fantasy XIV has already been delayed on the PS3, so we may be in for some delays with the PC version too. With the recent beta problems, who knows what could happen right? Let us know what you think.

Final Fantasy XIV is due out on the 22nd of September for those who pre-ordered the special edition and the 30th for those who ordered the regular edition.

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