Final Fantasy XIII-2: 'Master of Monsters' Trailer

Final Fantasy 13-2 Master of Monsters Trailer

When one thinks of collecting a wide variety of monsters and creatures, then pitting them against opponents in battle, one franchise comes to mind. That's all about to change though, as Final Fantasy XIII-2 is set to bring the obsessive need to 'catch them all' to gamers everywhere, as just one other new change being made to the previous game's formula. The latest trailer 'Master of Monsters' gives a bit more detail into how these creatures will function in combat, and how players will be able to upgrade their skills.

The inclusion of collectible beasts and adorable critters may not be one of the omissions that fans were hoping to see addressed with Final Fantasy XIII-2, but more gameplay and depth is always welcome. Square Enix had previously teased that monsters would be included in their walkthrough video of new systems, but from this next explanation, it seems that creatures may be as customizable and effective as actual party members.

All of this is of course on top of the overall enhanced battle system, so for those players who found something to be desired in that aspect of Final Fantasy XIII, the ability to 'master monsters' may be just the solution. Whether it's infusing creatures with skills from other collected monsters, button prompt attacks, or merely a glimpse at an enraged Chocobo you're after, it's all here in the newest trailer.

A look at the teased 'Chocobo Racing' is sadly omitted, but beggars can't be choosers:

Some might look at these proposed systems and write them off as 'copying Pokemon,' and all things considered that's a fair claim. But something needs to be said for the depth and intricacy of every Final Fantasy title's combat and inventory, which would lead us to believe that the developers were motivated by a bit more than envy. Considering the studio's DLC plans for the game some of that motivation may be in downloadable monsters, but judgment will have to wait until the game's release.

It's hard to be down on FF:XIII-2, since the game looks fantastic in action and some have already deemed it to be a perfect experience. Whether a large part of that is due to the innovation in monster-wrangling is anyone's guess, but the prospect of humiliating an opponent with a Gremlin or Miniflan is intriguing.

What do you think of the addition of monster-training to the existing battle? Will you be using it to great extent, or sticking with your human party members? Leave your own strategy in the comments.

Final Fantasy: XIII-2 releases January 31, 2012 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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