'Final Fantasy XIII-2' Director Justifies Ending; Coliseum DLC Coming on Feb 8

Final Fantasy 13-2 DLC Lightning Screenshot 3

Final Fantasy XIII-2 director Motomu Toriyama has taken to defending how the follow up to Final Fantasy XIII ended with the dreaded 3-word chain, "to be continued." Of course, while this could simply be an indicator that the possibilities of a Final Fantasy XIII-3 could be true, Toriyama has a rather different opinion, and it doesn't have to do with another follow up to FFXIII.

Toriyama cited the use of the ambiguous ending as more connected to the availability of downloadable content that will be available for Final Fantasy XIII-2 in the future, including a rumored Lightning episode and the soon-to-be-available DLC discussed below. Toriyama additionally reasons that FF XIII-2 has a number of Paradox Endings that should be sought out first. Sounds like a matter of finding the "good" ending, if there is a good ending, that is.

Tomorrow, FF XIII-2's Coliseum Battle mode will be receiving some DLC at the  low, low cost of 240 MS/$1.99 PSN. The DLC will be adding "Opponent: Lightning & Amador", where players can battle the duo of FF XIII heroine, Lightning and Cocoon member, Lieutenant Amador. Should players be victorious, Lightning and Amador can be added to the party. An exclusive Xbox 360 DLC weapon for Serah, a bow, will also be available tomorrow for 80 MS.

Below are the latest screenshots of the DLC.

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Unfortunately for Square Enix, the opening week sales for Final Fantasy XIII-2 were less than stellar and should the DLC not be well-received, it wouldn't be surprising to see Square Enix go back to the drawing board for the next iteration. It would be a shame to see the Final Fantasy series end up falling behind other RPG games in terms of content and story, but it looks like FF XIII-2 will be getting a lot more support via DLC according to Toriyama's statement.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is available now for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


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Source: Andriasang

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