In case the average Final Fantasy XIII fan wasn’t content with the arrangement of FFXIII limited editions, perfumes and costumes available to them, they’ll now be pleased to know they can also spend money on the Original Soundtrack collection.

Square Enix released the details on the upcoming product, in which there are two versions: standard and limited edition (of course).

The standard edition has four CDs which cover all the tracks in Final Fantasy XIII, scored by Masashi Hamauzu himself. The CDs are packaged in a nice, FFXIII-themed slipcase and will retail for 3990 yen (the equivalent of about $45, or, you know, pretty much the expense of the game itself). The limited edition features the appearance of a fifth disc, simply entitled “Episode Zero – Promise Story”. Instead of the slip case, the CDs are packaged in that sexy white box you see at the top of this article. That’ll run you 5250 yen, or about $58.

With pricing high enough to almost start rivaling the game itself (that said, Square Enix suggested a retail price of 9240 yen – you do the math), it’s clear this is made just for the more hardcore Final Fantasy fans out there. But admit it – you want it too. If you don’t mind scrolling through some Japanese lettering, you can preview some of the tracks here.

What do you think of the Original Soundtrack page? Do you like the idea of more game-related products? What about the price?

Source: Square Enix