This Final Fantasy X Mod Will Creep You Out


One dastardly modder takes one of the most infamously bad moments in Final Fantasy X and stretches it out over the whole game - and for some reason people are downloading it.

It has been a long time since Final Fantasy X made headlines. The game that splits Final Fantasy fans down the middle on whether it represents Square's last truly great Final Fantasy or the first in a series of disappointments has been off the radar for a few years. In fact, outside of being part of the Final Fantasy X/Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster project and being brought to PC, most of the internet chatter surrounding Final Fantasy X has been relegated to memes stemming from the game's sometimes questionable voice acting.

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on fans' perspective, modder Johnny Mac has decided that one of those cringe-worthy moments is so beautiful in its awkwardness that it should be preserved and expanded throughout the entirety of Final Fantasy X. Mac took the incredibly forced and infamous Tidus laugh and superimposed it throughout the entire game's soundtrack - now every song features the laugh as if it is some sort of cruel instrument, punishing gamers for their sins (not to be confused with the game's main villain, Sin).


Mac's mod will never make a list of the best video game song covers, but for those fans who are perhaps looking to get out of work and think bleeding from both ears is a good enough excuse, the video linked above is the entirety of Mac's modded Final Fantasy X soundtrack. Keep in mind that the video is three-and-a-half hours long, and the novelty wears off fairly quickly.

Tidus and Yuna may be one of gaming's greatest couples, but Tidus and music are nigh incompatible. Even though Mac's mod is the stuff of nightmares, however, having classic Final Fantasy games available on PC has been a fascinating journey that has breathed new life into some of the older games. Any excuse to revisit an old favorite is often enough for gamers who love the feeling of nostalgia a childhood favorite can bring with it.

That might just be a boon to Square Enix as well, as the developer's recent Final Fantasy XV delay has fans of the series wondering what to do with the extra two month wait. While we can't in good conscience recommend Johnny Mac's Final Fantasy X mod to everyone, it's worth a look - perhaps a brief one - just to appreciate how easy it is to transform a great musical score into something very different.

Source: Johnny Mac's Official YouTube Channel (via Kotaku)

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