No Plans for Final Fantasy Worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3

Square Enix confirms that no worlds from the Final Fantasy series will be making their way into Kingdom Hearts 3, which will continue the franchise's Disney location focus.

The Kingdom Hearts series deserves its place in video game royalty, with the original game in the franchise counted among the best JRPGs ever made. Because of that, many gamers were excited to find out more about the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3, with fans of the franchise counting it among the most highly anticipated games of E3 2016. Unfortunately, those expecting a radical change in terms of setting from the previous games in the series are going to end up being disappointed.

Square Enix has confirmed that the game's general choices of location are going to remain the same, and that Kingdom Hearts 3 will not be visiting any of the worlds from the Final Fantasy series. Although the series contains plenty of characters from Square Enix's acclaimed RPG property, players will not be likely to lead Sora and company into Midgar any time soon.

The news was confirmed by Kingdom Hearts 3 co-director Tai Yasue in a recent interview with GameSpot. "We're not adding any Final Fantasy worlds," said Yasue. The co-director went on to explain that due to the number of original locations created for Kingdom Hearts including Final Fantasy characters, the developers feel no need to including Final Fantasy locations. "At this moment, we are not really coming up with any plans for that, we're making original worlds and Disney worlds."

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Yasue went on to give some reasons as to why Final Fantasy worlds are not going to appear in Kingdom Hearts 3, which is due to include a Toy Story-themed summon when it releases. The locations of the game are chosen due to the gameplay ideas that the development team wish to include, and it is often the worlds of Disney that best work with what the developers have planned. Yasue suggested that the best thing for the series is to include the distinct and unique - yet still famous - Disney worlds. "We want the difference and variety, we don't want a lot of the same thing," he added.

Fans of the series have been long awaiting the return of the full Kingdom Hearts series. Although side titles have appeared in the meantime, Kingdom Hearts 2 itself has now been out for over a decade. As such, it's been no surprise that fans have been picking over every second of Kingdom Hearts 3 trailers looking for snippets of new information.

Although some may be disappointed that Final Fantasy worlds will not be making an appearance in Kingdom Hearts 3, there has been some movement for the franchise. Tai Yasue has also hinted at the possibility of a PS4 Kingdom Hearts collection, while Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue has also been on the receiving end of both a new trailer and December release date. It certainly seems like a good time to be a Kingdom Hearts fan.

Kingdom Hearts 3 will be released for Xbox One and PS4.

Source: GameSpot

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