GR Pick: Final Fantasy Fans Throw Awesome Wedding


With countless critically-acclaimed titles over the past few decades, the long-running Final Fantasy franchise holds a special place in the hearts of many games. For one newlywed Japanese couple, though, that fandom reached a new level when they decided to combine their two greatest loves - Final Fantasy and each other - into one awesome wedding ceremony.

In a series of colorful photos shared by the groom's sister, the Japanese couple's May 5th wedding incorporated many elements from the Final Fantasy franchise into their ceremony, and the final result was something that was as sweet as it was creative. Invitations to the wedding were carried in a custom-made "PS5.5" case of a fictional "Bridal Fantasy" game, the vows were read from a slime-themed book, and guests were represented as classic pixel-art Final Fantasy characters on the event's seating card. Perhaps most appropriately, the seating card featured the bride and groom as pixel-art versions of Luna and Noctis, the engaged protagonists in Final Fantasy 15.

Final Fantasy wasn't the only popular JRPG series that made an appearance at this gamer's delight of a wedding. The wedding rings rings were stored in a Dragon Quest treasure chest ring box, which were appropriately guarded by some of the series' iconic monsters, such as a Golem and a Slime.

The Slime also managed to make a second appearance on the eye-catching wedding cake, next to a super-cute Chocobo made out of icing. Even the bride's charming nail art featured references to Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, demonstrating that the couple weren't skipping out on any little details for their big day.

Given how passionate some people can be about gaming, it's perhaps not a surprise to know that this awesome Final Fantasy themed wedding is far from the first time that video games have played a major part in a couple's relationship. Just a few months ago, a Diablo-loving couple got married and decided to celebrate their big day and their favourite game (which incidentally was how they first met) by holding a Diabl0-themed photoshoot at their wedding.

With a love for Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest that's almost as strong as their love for each other, there's no doubt that the newlywed couple will stand the test of time far better than some of gaming's most notable couples and we wish nothing but the best for the happy couple.

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