'Final Fantasy Versus 13' Official Trailer Released

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A new trailer for Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been released by Square Enix and it features a great look at some of the characters who will be playable in the game and also hints to what the overall story could be about.

In an interview with Famitsu, Tetsuya Nomura gave some interesting details about Final Fantasy Versus XIII. This new Final Fantasy title has been in heavy anticipation, even more so now after a new trailer was released for the game.

This cinematic trailer, which runs over six minutes long, starts off with the phrase, "This is a fantasy based on reality" appearing on the screen, with someone calling out to Noctis, the game's protagonist and heir to the Caelum Dynasty, trying to wake him up.

Watch and enjoy:


Noctis and Stella appear together in some sort of art gallery setting set atop a huge skyscraper, where Stella is looking upon a painting of the goddesss, Etro. It was recently announced that Etro will be a central focus in the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII-2, so there could be some of deeper connection between the two games.

A great deal of what the combat will look and play like is shown in the trailer. It looks like players will be able to control Noctis and his party members in as real-time, which is a stark difference from the traditional turn-based styled battle system from the previous Final Fantasy games.

Noctis' main weapons are swords that he can summon at will and it looks like he will be able to switch between attacking with his sword and using magic spells with ease. The combat is seemingly similar to the battle system featured in the Kingdom Hearts series. Nomura actually acknowledges the similarity and reveals it is meant to be intentional.

The two allies that fight alongside Noctis are Ignis and Gladiolus. Ignies wields a katana, throws knives and excels at being a support character, while Gladiolus is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat but prefers to use a sword similar to Cloud's Buster Sword in Final Fantasy VII, as well as a pile bunker.

During a scene where Noctis is fighting a Behemoth summon, another one of his companions named Prompto is shown. Prompto uses shotguns and fires off a heavy shot at the monster. Noctis can actually be seen teleporting from enemy to enemy while fighting.

It also looks like Noctis has the ability to overtake vehicles in the game as well, shown by him jumping on top of a tank and attacking the soldier inside of it, where he then he takes control of the tank and fires upon his enemies. This ability is seen again in the next scene where Noctis commandeers a bipedal-type of vehicle.

Noctis and his gang are shown atop a moving platform in the city battling against more soldiers, until a mysterious armored female character with a lance-type weapon jumps down in front of Noctis. This new character gets into a battle position and a stand-off between her and Noctis happens.

The trailer ends with the Final Fantasy Versus XIII logo and then the phrase, "The figure that still lies asleep in the Fantasy" appears on the screen. The last part of the trailer states the the game is for PS3 fans, so as of this moment, Versus XIII is still a PS3 exclusive, but who knows if that will change before the game's release.

Square Enix has already stated that they can't commit to a 2011 release of Final Fantasy Versus XIII at this time, but players still have Final Fantasy XIII-2 as well as Final Fantasy Type-0 to play once those games are released later this year.

Feeling like this game, whenever it is released, will please Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts alike?

Let us know with your thoughts and comments below!

Source: Square Enix

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