Final Fantasy Versus 13 Not at E3 2012

Though Square Enix has an understandably packed slate of titles to show during E3 2012, there is one omission that is sure to have SE fans pretty disappointed. Expected attendees for the event like Sleeping Dogs (Square Enix’s recent acquisition from Activision) and Tomb Raider were confirmed, but unfortunately the publisher/developer’s next entry in the Final Fantasy franchise, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, is not.

Initially revealed way back in 2006, along with two other Final Fantasy 13-related titles, Versus has been a perennial no show at a ton of events including E3 and TGS. At this point, if Square Enix didn’t continually come out to give brief updates on the game, we’d think that the project had been canned altogether.

After Final Fantasy 13 released to some lackluster reviews, fans immediately transitioned their hope for the franchise’s redemption into Versus 13, which promised to be a new direction for the series. Unfortunately, rather than make a big announcement for Versus 13 Square Enix unexpectedly announced Final Fantasy 13-2 and sent fans’ expectations into a tailspin.

Tetsuya Nomura revealed in March that some delays had hit the project, but things are apparently back on track and more news should be headed gamers’ way soon. Unfortunately, we’ve heard that song and dance before, and it oftentimes leads to nothing substantial.

The last hope for Final Fantasy Versus 13 is Tokyo Game Show where Square Enix tends to reveal their more prized properties (read: the ones that Japanese gamers go crazy for). If it is a no-show for that event, though, we might have to start getting worried.

At this point it’s difficult for any Final Fantasy fan to get excited about an announced title because it’s become so hard to tell when they might actual release. In the past fiveĀ Final Fantasy games we’ve seen the release of not one but two MMO titles, one of which was extremely disappointing, but still fans press on.

So while we may not see any Final Fantasy from Square Enix at E3 2012, there will still be plenty to get excited about like Quantum Conundrum and Heroes of Ruin. Be sure to stick tuned to Game Rant for all the Square Enix news during E3 in June.

Are you disappointed to learn that Final Fantasy Versus 13 will not be making an appearance during E3? Is Tokyo Game Show a more likely candidate for the game’s next reveal?