More 'Final Fantasy Versus 13' News Is Coming Soon

Final Fantasy Versus 13 News Coming Soon

It's fair to say that this most recent cycle of Final Fantasy games have been enjoying a much longer "coming out party" than the typical Square Enix adventure. While Final Fantasy XIV burst onto the scene quickly it fizzled out before ever making an impact. Perhaps spurned on by the failures of FF 14 -- a lack of polish and rushed development -- it feels like Square Enix is going to take their time with each subsequent Final Fantasy title, especially the highly anticipated Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Since the triumvirate's announcement (Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and Final Fantasy Agito XIII) we've seen one of those titles change its name, one release along with a sequel, and…well nothing much has changed for Versus XIII. Luckily, as announced by Testuya Nomura, that state of non-news is about to change very soon.

Speaking with Famitsu, Nomura revealed that the next batch of news regarding Final Fantasy Versus XIII is ready to go, but a small hitch has delayed it. What that hitch is, Nomura wouldn't say, but he stressed that it was in no way related to the game.

So, as long as Square Enix doesn't come into any sort of problems again, Final Fantasy fans should be in store for some exciting Final Fantasy Versus XIII shortly.

Although Final Fantasy Versus carries the 13 namesake it feels almost like a completely different entry in the franchise, perhaps a big reason fans have been clamoring for it. While 13 and 13-2 had their own elements going on, Versus is reported to be closer to Kingdom Hearts and a third person shooter in terms of its gameplay.

Though FF 13 failed to hit the mark established by its predecessors, its sequel did a much better job of translating that formula, but still was by no means perfect. Final Fantasy Versus XIII, for a lot of fans, is a chance to start over, and experience a new story, new characters, and a new setting — all the elements that make each subsequent iteration enticing.

Are you looking forward to more news about Final Fantasy Versus XIII, or would you rather hear about Final Fantasy 15? What will it take to redeem this franchise?

Source: Famitsu (via Kotaku)

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