An eagle-eyed Final Fantasy 15 fan finds evidence embedded in the HTML of a website related to the forthcoming RPG that suggests it could be coming to PC.

A NeoGAF user going by the handle KupoNut recently went through the code of the Final Fantasy 15 “Uncovered” website, and found that it not only makes reference to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Square Enix online stores, but it also notes Valve’s Steam marketplace as well. Bearing this in mind, it could mean that Final Fantasy 15 might very well be receiving a PC version.

However, it’s entirely possible for the discovery to be incorrect, as another user found that the HTML in question was basically a copy of code used for the Rise of the Tomb Raider page. As of writing, the references to Steam have since been removed, which further obfuscates whether or not FF 15 will receive a PC release at all.

Even though KupoNut’s find may be false, Final Fantasy 15 eventually coming to the PC isn’t a far-fetched notion. After all, many of the franchise’s titles have recently found their way to Steam, with Final Fantasy 9 having just been announced to receive a PC release about a month ago.


Unless a studio lacks the actual resources to put out a PC version of a game, there’s really not much of a reason for developers to avoid doing so in this day and age. Square Enix, as we all know, is a huge company with plenty of funds, and it has tons of releases available for purchase via Steam, GOG, and other online marketplaces, so it would be strange for the developer and publisher to have Final Fantasy 15 only be a console release.

Final Fantasy 15‘s director Hajime Tabata recently made fans aware that the game’s release date will be announced March 30 of this year during the aforementioned “Uncovered” event at the Shrine Auditorium in Hollywood, California, so it’s possible for the PC version to officially be confirmed there. If anything, Square Enix might announce the RPG’s availability across all platforms later on down the line.


At any rate, fans have been waiting a ridiculously long amount of time to simply get a concrete answer as to when the game itself is going to be released, so March can’t come soon enough. After having encountered numerous delays since its announcement as Final Fantasy Versus XIII way back in May 2006, it’s definitely understandable as to why the forthcoming RPG is considered to be one of the most anticipated video games of 2016.

What do you think about the possibility of Final Fantasy 15 coming to PC? Do you believe it’s a safe bet, or do you think that Square Enix should keep the game as a console exclusive? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Final Fantasy 15 is officially set to release sometime in 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: NeoGAF (via PC Gamer)