Final Fantasy: The 10 Most Iconic Weapons In The Franchise, Ranked

It's often difficult to picture any of the mighty heroes the Final Fantasy series has given us without their signature weapons in hand, with some of them proving every bit as iconic as the characters that are wielding them. Quite a few of those weapons recur throughout the majority of the series, having established their own unique legacies within the franchise's long and storied history.

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And while the Final Fantasy armory hosts an incredible variety of unique, bizarre, and occasionally ridiculous offerings, some of them happen to stand out as particularly memorable, which is no mean feat when you consider the fact there are literally thousands of them. If you're curious as to which ones those are, then you're in luck! Keep scrolling to check out the top ten most iconic weapons to have ever appeared in the Final Fantasy series.

10 Flametongue, Icebrand, & Coral Sword

This trio of elemental blades has appeared in nearly every Final Fantasy title to date. They usually don't tend to be ultimate end-game material, but they're practically always solid, mid game offerings that are a welcome sight as the party is grinding their way through the story.

Occasionally a title will lack one or two of them, and the more fiery of the elemental blades varies between being known as Flametongue or Flame Blade, depending on which title you're playing. But chances are you'll stumble across at least one of them in any given Final Fantasy game.

9 Save the Queen

While it isn't quite as famous as some of the other weapons found on this list, the legendary Save the Queen has nonetheless become a knightly mainstay passed down among some of the series' mightiest heroes. Though it's hardly gender specific, Save the Queen is usually found in the hands of the series' strongest female warriors.

In Final Fantasy IX, Save the Queen is the signature weapon of General Beatrix, who wields it to great effect. Final Fantasy Tactics sees it in the capable hands of the templar Meliadoul Tengille, who is initially an antagonistic force, but joins with Ramza's party once she discovers the nefarious plot pursued by her brethren.

8 Magitek Armor

This might seem like a bit of an oddball entry, but it absolutely fits the bill. These mighty, mechanized suits of armor are both terrifying weapons and entirely iconic in their own right, as any player that has encountered or piloted one will readily tell you.

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Though it has become something of a staple within the series in recent years, Magitek Armor first came into being during Final Fantasy VI as a mechanized component of the Empire's army. Few fans will ever forget the game's opening sequence, in which the player controls Terra alongside a certain pair of imperial troopers as they blast their way through Narshe, piloting these immensely powerful machines.

7 Ultima Weapon

Though it has been known by a few different names, the Ultima Weapon regularly appears in the series as a form of ultimate, endgame weapon commanding immense power. Its initial debut was in Final Fantasy VI, where it was originally translated as the Atma Weapon.

The weapon has since become a fixture, even being retconned into remastered games that were released preceding its introduction. It usually takes the form of a blade, but was notable in Final Fantasy VII as doubling as one of the planet-protecting monsters that emerged to combat the threat posed by Jenova and Sephiroth.

6 Sabin's Bare Hands

Is this a little bit of a cop out? It most certainly is. But Sabin Figaro's manly mitts are directly responsible for one of the most hilariously awesome feats ever performed by a Final Fantasy character. They've created a legend that has been handed down in the Final Fantasy community for decades past, and for many more to come.

To put things simply, Sabin suplexed a train. Yes, the entire thing. The battle with the Phantom Train in Final Fantasy VI has been immortalized on this merit alone, and while there's quite a lengthy list of legendarily bizarre accomplishments made by many Final Fantasy heroes, Sabin suplexing a train is truly a meme for the ages.

5 Revolver Gunblade

The very concept of a Gunblade seems self defeating, ridiculous, and unlikely to function effectively on any realistic premise. But none of that really matters when you consider a singular basic and undeniable fact: they look totally rad. We're talking about a Final Fantasy game, after all. Aesthetics matter.

While we get to see a few different models over the course of Final Fantasy VIII, Squall's humble Revolver Gunblade is easily the most recognizable and iconic. It might not seem like the best idea in practice, especially considering the level of technology showcased in Final Fantasy VIII, but something about landing that perfect timed hit and actually discharging the weapon feels all too satisfying.

4 Brotherhood

There are a couple of things that immediately come to mind whenever someone mentions Tidus from Final Fantasy X. The first is likely that infamously nerve grating forced laugh featured in a particular cutscene that will haunt the game's fandom for the rest of eternity, and the second is his amazingly cool looking sword featured on the cover art.

Featuring an icy blue blade seemingly wrought from water, the Brotherhood is easily one of the coolest looking swords in Final Fantasy X, if not the entire series, and is immediately recognizable as Tidus'. Funnily enough, it isn't even his ultimate weapon, with that honor going to the mighty (yet less recognizable) Caladbolg.

3 Excalibur

Most people are familiar with the idea of a sword named Excalibur well outside the context of Final Fantasy, likely in connection with some dude named Arthur dragging it out of a pond and thinking it made him a king. But it is most definitely a sword of equal repute within the Final Fantasy universe, and with good reason.

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Excalibur has appeared in several Final Fantasy titles, usually as a knightly blade of immense power. It's most famous appearances include Final Fantasy IV, in which it is one of the paladin Cecil's ultimate weapons, and Final Fantasy Tactics, where it was easily one of the most powerful weapons available in the game (and the frequent target of a certain item duplication exploit).

2 Masamune

The Masamune is another weapon that has a significant presence throughout the series, usually taking the form of a high-end katana utilized by various warriors and samurai type characters. However, most readers are likely more than well aware of where it made its most infamous appearance.

In Final Fantasy VII it is the personal weapon of Sephiroth, primary antagonist and bane of humble flower girls the world over. It manifests as an almost comically oversized odachi blade, with some estimates stating its length at a staggering nine feet. Needless to say, Aeris never stood a chance.

1 Buster Sword

No weapon on this list is as easily identified as the Buster Sword, the iconic hunk of sharpened metal lugged around by protagonist Cloud Strife. Final Fantasy VII really cornered the market on swords of ridiculous size, and the Buster Sword is easily the most absurd of them, being six feet in length and spanning an entire, jaw-dropping foot in width.

The Buster Sword actually has quite a legacy, passing through the hands of heroes Angeal Hewley and Zack Fair before coming into the care of everyone's favorite wannabe SOLDIER, Cloud Strife. It's enormous, likely impossible for any normal person to wield, and we absolutely adore it for both of those qualities.

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