Final Fantasy Legends 2 Announced For Mobile Devices


Square Enix announces that the publisher's next Final Fantasy project will be Final Fantasy Legends 2, a game made exclusively for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Even for a franchise with the kind of dizzying highs the Final Fantasy series has experienced, 2016 has been a good year. The positive reception for the World of Final Fantasy, which was a big risk during development due to its art direction that aims at ensaring a younger audience, has paid dividends for Square Enix. The publisher now enters the 2016 holiday season with more good will to its name than it has had in years, and Square Enix is not resting on its laurels ahead of the company's immense Final Fantasy 15 launch in under a month.

Earlier in October, Square Enix unveiled a website that hinted at a brand new Final Fantasy project for mobile devices. Not much was known about the game besides the fact that Square Enix had enlisted the aid of Takashi Tokita, the director behind Chrono Trigger, and Yoshitaka Amano, one of the most prominent artists to ever be involved with the Final Fantasy franchise. Today, Square Enix revealed just a little bit more about its newest project, announcing that Final Fantasy Legends 2 is in development for iOS and Android devices.


That announcement is a big deal, even if western video game fans aren't likely to realize it at first glance. Final Fantasy Legends was localized in the west as Final Fantasy Dimensions, a game that paid homage to the old school NES versions of Final Fantasy and received a fair amount of critical praise in doing so. Takashi Tokita referred to the game as a "rebirth" on the website, which could really mean just about anything - Square Enix has enjoyed implementing vague, mysterious Final Fantasy trailers lately, and the description of Final Fantasy Legends 2 is more of the same.

Final Fantasy Legends 2 is currently in a pre-register campaign, and Square Enix is calling it "a new Final Fantasy legend" while adding an addendum that states"a new adventure begins". Plans for a Western release, if there are any, have yet to be announced - but if Square Enix does decide to release the game in North America and Europe it's a safe bet it will be called Final Fantasy Dimensions 2 when it does.

Now that Final Fantasy 15 has gone gold, Square Enix is wasting little time in telling the world where Final Fantasy is headed next. Final Fantasy on mobile has been a consistent formula for success for Square Enix in Japan, but the publisher has found western markets to be a little bit more difficult to impress. With Tokita and Amano on board, however, if there was ever a mobile Final Fantasy title that could buck the current trend, it's definitely Final Fantasy Legends 2.

Final Fantasy Legends 2 has no release date, but is confirmed for release in Japan on iOS and Android devices. No Western release date has been confirmed at this time.

Source: Final Fantasy Legends 2 Official Website (via Kotaku)

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