Creepy 'Final Fantasy House' Story Detailed in Down the Rabbit Hole

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There is really no questioning Final Fantasy 7's legacy. The game is a landmark, historical release that played a big role in the console war between PS1 and Nintendo 64, and remains one of the most highly praised Japanese role-playing games of all time. Final Fantasy 7 has millions of fans around the world and is even popular enough to warrant a full-fledged remake, but some fans take their love of the game a little too far - as was the case with the people from the famous "Final Fantasy House" story that was popular on the Internet in the mid 2000s. Now, thanks to a video by YouTuber Fredrik Knudsen as part of his Down the Rabbit Hole series, the old story is returning to the spotlight.

For those unfamiliar, the Final Fantasy House is the name given to an apartment rented by two individuals, referred to as Jenova and Hojo, in Pennsylvania. Jenova, or Jen for short, believed and convinced others that they were actually video game characters reincarnated in the real world. Jen and Hojo would then lure people to their apartment, assign them a video game character that they supposedly lived as in a past life, and then proceed to abuse them in a number of ways.

Jen and Hojo would emotionally, mentally, and even sometimes physically abuse the other people living with them. They would also take advantage of their roommates financially, like forcing them to buy random things, as well as shoulder the entire financial burden when it came to paying rent or buying food. The saga of the Final Fantasy House is presented with great detail by Knudsen in his video. Watch it right here:

Knudsen's video goes on to detail a similar incident that took place in southern California years after the Final Fantasy house, where someone posting on the Housemate Horror forum discussed their experiences with a roommate given the name "Sarah." Like Jen and Hojo, Sarah was convinced that she was "soul-bonded" to a video game character, but instead of Final Fantasy 7, the game was Suikoden, another PS1-era JRPG.

It's all very interesting and disturbing, but there is some question as to whether or not the story of the Final Fantasy House is true. After all, the internet has a tendency to create its own urban legends, like the Slender Man character or the Russian Sleep Experiments. Ultimately, viewers will just have to check out Knudsen's video and decide for themselves.

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