Final Fantasy: 10 Hilarious Memes Only True Fans Understand

The Final Fantasy series has been an absolute roller coaster for fans. One minute the franchise is going in bold and new directions and the next players are slogging through a meaningless game of social activities with very little fighting.

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Through it all the fan base has been churning out a massive collection of memes. While there are some any gamer can appreciate or understand, there are many that only those who’ve been dedicated to the games will truly appreciate.

10 Cosplaying With Friends

This is an entertaining meme that makes fun of the character Noctis. Every other character in the circle is decked out in some form of armor or intricate uniform to provide them protection in battle or display their station, yet Noctis stands out for his simple outfit.

To be fair he is an assassin so wearing a ton of armor would likely hinder those skills, but you’d think he’d wear something tight fitting and camoflauging. Not a loose fitting jacket and no mask to cover his face.

9 White Mage Fail

The entire job of a white mage is to be the healer of the party, the one who keeps others alive no matter how close they are to the brink of death or what ails them. Should anyone come down with some terrible ailment the white mage is able to reverse it.

This meme points out how absurd it is that a talented white mage like Rosa would be unable to reverse the disease killing her, even if it is Desert Fever. Instead the party is forced to embark on a dangerous quest to find the cure and save her. This is a great example of why a white mage should never multiclass and stick to being a healer.

8 Inconsistency Of Death

Reading the headline and seeing the first panel you might think this is the often-repeated criticism of Aerith dying despite Cloud possessing a Phoenix Down capable of reviving her. Instead this meme makes a larger criticism of how death is so wildly inconsistent in these games.

Aerith dies to a brutal stab through her torso, yet the entire party survives a devastating blast that annihilates the entire solar system. And it isn’t like you can chalk this one up to the element of surprise because it was the entire solar system and everything in it.

7 FFIX Mistreatment

It’s expected that there are going to be bugs in the system when a game is ported over to a new console, especially a new one like the Switch. But it’s another thing to possess the exact same bugs that were present on the other consoles without ever taking a moment to fix them.

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This hilarious meme illustrates how the fan base felt when they realized the Switch version was just as broken as the others. Here fans can completely sympathize with the godfather when they look at the sorry state Final Fantasy IX was in after being released to the public via Switch.

6 Unable To Upgrade

Final Fantasy IV had the familiar upgrade mechanic that required players to find various Weapons Monthly magazine to learn the recipes necessary to upgrade their weapons. When you had one of the magazines it was a handy way of knowing what to farm for and level up a useful weapon.

When the reverse was true you were in an unfortunate state of limbo. You possessed the items necessary to get the job done, but couldn’t do it because you hadn’t found the magazine yet. This great meme shows the frustration players felt in knowing what to do but being prevented from doing so.

5 Final Fantasy VI Remake

Considering how important Final Fantasy VI was to the fanbase and the impact it’s had on the culture of gaming since it’s incredibly strange that Square Enix seems intent on remaking every game other than Final Fantasy VI.

To be fair seeing Final Fantasy VII redone with modern technology is going to be great, but it seems strange they don’t seem all that invested in getting around to Final Fantasy VI. This meme does a great job of portraying how the fan base feels making it incredibly funny, yet also sad.

4 Boss Fight Headaches

This meme actually makes fun of the frustrations players can have when playing the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game. In this game, players go head to head in a game similar to other TCGs like Magic the Gathering, but play with characters from Final Fantasy.

For a long time, a common meta-strategy was to attack players with famfrits and veritas, the latter of which players considered a broken card for some time. Admittedly it’s an obscure meme, but amusing for those who played the card game, at least it is now anyway.

3 Cutting Corners

A common criticism of remakes is that often times the developers will put in the least amount of effort to make it suitable for modern audiences resulting in it being little more than a remaster but priced like a remake.

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Admittedly something had to be done with the old Final Fantasy XIV as it was just an awful MMORPG. But rather than scrap it and try something else Square Enix hired a new team and re-released the game under a new title with some tweaks and minor graphical changes. It’s a lot better, but players can’t get rid of the feeling that the developers may have cut corners like this meme suggests.

2 Terrible Selfies

Final Fantasy XV was either a game you loved or absolutely hated. Many players remark that it was more obsessed with being a cultural piece of art than a game about fighting and saving the world. As a result, there are a lot of mechanics in the game that just feel oddly placed and out of context.

This meme gives a great example with Prompto taking a selfie during a boss fight just before it slaughters everyone in the party.  We’d like to think something like this wouldn’t happen in real life but we’ve all seen the horrible selfies taken at funerals, horrific accidents and even at Auschwitz, so maybe Prompt’s antics aren’t too far off.

1 Stuck In Towns

Roaming NPCs is all well and good, until they wander into boss fights, disrupt stealth missions or in this familiar case, cause the player to get stuck and unable to progress until they move. Many players have had the terrible misfortune of getting trapped due to NPCs wandering into key paths at the wrong moment.

Who knows how much time was wasted by players just simply waiting for one of the NPCs to move so they could get out. Fortunately, this wasn’t a problem that plagued the series very long as developers quickly accounted for it, but man was it annoying in the beginning.

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