Final Fantasy 10: The 10 Hardest Side Bosses, Ranked

There are a lot of tough bosses in Final Fantasy X, but few compare with the absurd side or secret bosses you can find. These bosses are often locked away from casual gamers and for good reason, they have lots of health points, ridiculous attacks, and make the main bosses of the storyline seem like tutorials for the real challenge.

In fact many of the bosses that made this list are keys to unlocking the toughest superboss in the game. Each one becoming increasingly difficult before the player faces off against one of the toughest bosses in the entire series.

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10 Dark Valefor

As the player progresses in the game they’ll find old areas blocked off by summoners with Dark Aeons.  Dark Valefor is one such creature that appears after leaving Bevelle and trying to return to Besaid Village.

His physical attacks are brutal and his Overdrive Energy Blast can instakill members of your team. Fortunately his other attacks have a cap of 9,999 damage making his overdrive the only thing you need to worry about assuming you have a strong team. Having an aeon with a Shield ability is key to surviving the Energy Blast.

9 Dark Ifrit

Dark Ifrit is a sinister boss found on Bikanel. An Al Bhed woman asks the player to help find her lost child but it turns out to be a ruse and the woman is actually a summoner trying to trap the player and summons this creature to fight you.

He has a lot of strength and counters every attack made by the player meaning having stronger but less frequent attacks is helpful to minimizing the damage you receive. It’s also recommended you have Shell to defend against his magical Meteor Strike which can pummel your team into the ground if you’re not careful.

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8 Dark Ixion

After sitting through the cutscene for Calm Lands Dark Ixion is fought twice. Once after talking to the Yevon soldier in the Thunder Plains and he also appears following a lightning strike where he is stronger than his previous encounter.

His first appearance he has counter abilities and can cause Sleep and Armor Break which can be annoying. His Thudaja spell deals a lot of damage and Delay which can kill your team quickly. In the second battle he no longer counters, does Confuse instead of Sleep, and his major attack is now Thor’s Hammer which doesn’t do as much damage, but does do Full Break.

7 Dark Shiva

Dark Shiva stands watch outside the Macalania Temple if the player tries to go there after beating Seymour Natus. A lot of her danger comes from dealing a lot of fast repeated strikes thanks to her ridiculous Agility.

Her basic attacks are problematic because they remove buffs like Auto-Life, Reflect, Haste, and others and strike often meaning it’s hard to stay buffed in this battle. Fortunately she has low HP so if you can somehow stayed buffed long enough and survive her flurry of blows it doesn’t take much to bring her down. But if you take too long you’re guaranteed to lose.

6 Dark Yojimbo

Dark Yojimbo is encountered in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth if the player tries to go back there. What makes him an obnocious fight is he must be defeated five times in a row. His minions will target the team individually, though Wakizashi will hit everyone. Dark Yojimbo’s Overdrive Zanmato deals a ton of damage to everyone and removes Auto-Life which makes having a Shield up a necessity.

You will absolutely need an aeon to absorb the blast of Zanmato and having a lot of defenses in place. Things like Cheer will make this difficult fight a little more bearable.

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5 Dark Bahamut

After getting Fahrenheit the player can go back to Zanarkand Dome and fight this beast, if they really, really want to. After five attacks from the player Dark Bahamut will counter with Impulse which often times will knockout an unprepared character and shatters anyone who’s petrified. It also deals a number of debilitating status effects.

He also can evade most standard attacks thanks to his high Luck stat making this a brawl of special abilities. Finally his Overdrive Mega Flare can deal lots of damage to the party and removes all buffs except for Auto-Life.

4 Dark Magus Sisters

This Dark trio would honestly make the number three or even number two spot if it wasn’t possible to fight them individually, which you should do as it makes the fight much, much easier. They’re found on Mushroom Rock Road and if the player wants to separate them they need to book it into the valley and continue running until they reach the Mushroom Elevator.

Separated the player can take on Dark Sandy first, then Dark Mindy, and finally Dark Cindy. If fought together the player has to contend with their powerful Overdrive Mega-Graviton and coordinated attacks. Do yourself a favor and split them up.

3 Dark Anima

Dark Anima is considered the toughest of the Dark Aeons thanks to having the most health points and some tricky attacks. Her defeault attacks don’t do a lot of damage, but they can petrify and simultaneously shatter a party member removing them from battle in one fell swoop. Her Mega-Graviton is also based on player HP that can shred hitpoints and leave behind status effects.

Her Overdrive Oblivion hits 16 times for ridiculous amounts of damage and does MP damage. She is completely immune to magic and elemental attacks. Your only hope is strong physical attacks and Stoneproof.

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2 Nemesis

Found in the Monster Arena in Calm Lands Nemesis is the strongest non Dark Aeon boss in the game. It is fought after capturing ten of every fiend in the game and beating all other foes in the Monster Arena.

With a whopping 10 million hit points and numerous skills, spells, and abilities that can insta-kill the player this is a tough fight. His attacks are somewhat random and he counters with the powerful Ultima whenever hit by a special attack, an Overdrive, or if the player uses items. Take Celestial weapons, a bunch of Aeon and good luck.

1 Penance

The toughest boss in the entire game is this secret side boss that’s only available after defeating every other Dark Aeon on this list. It is found above Calm Lands on an airship and is joined by Left Arm and Right Arm in battle.

It has 12 million health points, is immune to elemental damage, and has lots of powerful abilities. This is a long fight with multiple stages so a guide is recommended for beating it. Generally speaking grind your teams’ stats up, give them the best gear possible, take a lot of Aeons and items, and be prepared for a tough slog because beating this foe makes you a master of Final Fantasy X.

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