Square Enix releases a new trailer for Final Fantasy Explorers, showcasing the gameplay, summons, and combat abilities of Final Fantasy series protagonists.

With just over a week left before its worldwide release, Square Enix releases a new trailer for Final Fantasy Explorers, highlighting the legendary characters players can transform into.

In addition to general gameplay, combat, and summons, the new Final Fantasy Explorers trailer gives players a glimpse into what it’ll be like to play as the legendary characters from prior Final Fantasy games. Cloud, Yuna, and Lightning are briefly showcased, showing off some of their combat abilities and general appearances. While not quite as cutesy and adorable as the guest Final Fantasy characters appear in World of Final Fantasy, they still have a much more simplistic and charming appearance than they usually do.

Sadly, other legendary characters like Final Fantasy VIII‘s Squall and Final Fantasy IX‘s Zidane are not featured in this trailer, though a brief glimpse of them can be seen following the highlighted trio. Considering the long list of guest characters that borrows protagonists from nearly every main Final Fantasy title, it’s a shame that Square Enix dedicated so little time to the mechanic and ignored the vast majority of the legendary characters. Evidently, Square Enix clearly wanted to build hype for the game by choosing to highlight the main characters from three of their biggest Final Fantasy hits, though hopefully more is shown of the other available legendary characters before the game is actually released.

Final Fantasy Explorers is the latest hybrid game that draws characters and iconic enemies from the entire Final Fantasy series for players to fight. Players have the option of playing in groups of up to four players or solo, using local wi-fi or playing over the Nintendo Network. Rather than being tied down to a single class, players can choose between classic Final Fantasy jobs like Dark Knight and White Mage, or transform into the aforementioned Final Fantasy legendary characters. Overall, the gameplay is said to be a hybrid between Capcom’s Monster Hunter and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, though it’s not directly connected to Crystal Chronicles.

Many gamers are still waiting on Final Fantasy XV to finally be released (or even a final release date to be announced) and many more are anxious with anticipation about the Final Fantasy VII Remake. However, a portable 3DS Final Fantasy game that can be played with up to three friends should be a good way to help bide one’s time while waiting for the more intense Final Fantasy games to be released.

Final Fantasy Explorers will be released on January 29th for the Nintendo 3DS.

Source: YouTube