Square Enix announces the Opening Ceremony for its Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary festivities, which could include news about the Final Fantasy 7 Remake and more.

Although some might have considered 2016 the year of Final Fantasy thanks to the launch of Final Fantasy 15 and World of Final Fantasy within such a short time span, 2017 promises to be an even bigger celebration for the JRPG series. In fact, developer and publisher Square Enix plans to get started early, with a Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary celebration slated for late January.

News of the January 31st event comes by way of a Square Enix invitation, which is only available in Japanese at the moment. But even so, the announcement of an announcement has the fan base buzzing and speculating as to what may be revealed or even teased.

Thus far there have been only rumors with regards to how Square Enix plans to celebrate 30 years of Final Fantasy in 2017, but there are no doubt some obvious places the studio could go. Considering January 31, 2017 is the exact 20th anniversary for Final Fantasy 7, it seems a given that Square Enix would talk about its upcoming, episodic remake, but that could only be the tip of the iceberg. There is also talk that Square Enix might release a Final Fantasy Collection that includes most or all of the older games in one complete package.

As of right now, all fans know is that Square Enix will be holding an event on January 31st, and the studio is calling this the ‘Opening Ceremony.’ It seems likely, though, if Square Enix is going to release as many Final Fantasy products as are rumored, then it would start announcing them during this event.

If nothing else, fans might finally learn when the first episode of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake is set to hit. The timing couldn’t be more perfect and Final Fantasy 7 Remake is the only known FF property on Square Enix’s schedule.

final fantasy 7 remake combat

A Final Fantasy collection would also likely go over very well with fans, as many of the older gamers are only available on legacy systems. It’s true that some titles, like Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 9, have made their way to PC, but those have just been ports. Presumably this Final Fantasy collection, if it exists, would be more than a single disc of ports.

While this invitation is sure to have Final Fantasy fans excited, there is plenty already available for them to enjoy as well. Final Fantasy 15 is finally out for public consumption and Square Enix has already detailed plans to expand upon the game through free and paid DLC. And those who might prefer their JRPGs a little more traditional have World of Final Fantasy, a title that leans more towards Square Enix’s turn-based roots.

If nothing else, 2017 is shaping up to be a banner year for Square Enix, assuming that at least some of the rumors are true. Stick tuned to Game Rant on January 31st for more on the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Opening Ceremony.