A classic Final Fantasy game may be made available on PlayStation 4 in the very near future, according to a listing by the European ratings board PEGI. Final Fantasy 9, initially released on the original PlayStation in 2000, has been listed as a PlayStation 4 game with a tentative release date of September 19. With no official Final Fantasy 9 announcement from Square Enix as of yet, this news should be considered a rumor no matter how likely it may be.

A PlayStation 4 port of Final Fantasy 9 is quite possible given the evidence at hand. In 2016 Square Enix released an updated version of the classic JRPG on both mobile devices and PC featuring HD cinematics and character models. There’s clearly no technological limitation preventing such a port, but things like certification and licensing are another matter entirely.

While the port itself may seem likely, the release date adds a layer of suspicion to the issue. But because of its odd specificty, it ends up becoming a pretty definitive puzzle piece. If Final Fantasy 9, a well-regarded and popular title in a franchise currently riding high due to the launch of Final Fantasy 15, was planned to release on a major console in just two days wouldn’t Square Enix have said something by now? If it is launching on the 19th, it must be part of a bit surprise announcement.

Final Fantasy 9 Port Coming to PlayStation 4 - Gameplay

Not so coincidentally, there does happen to be an event on September 19 that would be the perfect place to announce a PlayStation 4 port of Final Fantasy 9. On September 19, Sony will be holding a PlayStation Press Conference leading into the weekend’s Tokyo Game Show. It’s the biggest event in Japan when it comes to video game news and Sony has already hinted at big PlayStation 4 announcements.

Ratings board listings historically tend to be at least partially reliable, though mistakes do happen. For now, Final Fantasy 9 coming to PlayStation 4 must be considered a rumor until officially confirmed. But as far as rumors go, this one seems substantial.

Why would the listing go live early so early? Because it’s not actually that early. Sony’s TGS Press Conference starts in just a few hours. PEGI posting a listing within 24 hours of when a game (possibly) goes live is certainly within reason. Stay tuned.

Final Fantasy 9 is available now on PC, iOS, and Android devices. A PlayStation 4 port announcement could be forthcoming.

Source: Dual Shockers