Square Enix confirms that the recently announced enhanced port of Final Fantasy 9 will be localized outside of Japan, at least when it comes to the Steam version.

Last week, Square Enix announced an enhanced port of Final Fantasy 9, a title that stands as one of the most critically acclaimed games in the Final Fantasy series, for PC and mobile devices. At the time, the game was only confirmed for release in Japan, but Square Enix has since confirmed that Final Fantasy 9 is coming to western territories as well.

Right now, only the Steam version of Final Fantasy 9 is confirmed for release outside of Japan. A concrete release date has not been set just yet, but it’s said to be launching in “early 2016”, so expect FF9 to be available on PCs within the next few months.

The localization of the enhanced port of Final Fantasy 9 is good news, as it is one of the most celebrated JRPGs ever developed. While it may have been overshadowed in the PlayStation era by Final Fantasy 7FF9 is nevertheless considered a classic by many fans of the series, and this re-release will give those that missed it the first time around a chance to see what all the fuss is about.

final fantasy 9 PC skip random encounters

Those that are already well-acquainted with Zidane’s adventure will also have a few new reasons to return. This enhanced port boasts HD visuals, Steam achievements, Steam trading cards, auto-saving to make it less frustrating, and even some cheats, including one that makes it possible to skip the random encounters in Final Fantasy 9. These features really make it possible for players to experience Final Fantasy 9 however they wish, whether that’s just indulging in the story or playing through the game traditionally.

The aforementioned features make it seem as though this enhanced port of Final Fantasy 9 will be the definitive way to experience the game. Because of this, it would be a shame if Square Enix deprived non-PC gamers of playing the best version of Final Fantasy 9. That being said, there should be nothing to worry about, as it’s very likely that the mobile versions of the game will also be localized.

It’s also a distinct possibility that Final Fantasy 9 will land on the PlayStation 4 as well. Square Enix released the enhanced port of Final Fantasy 7 on the PS4, so there’s little to no reason why the same treatment wouldn’t be done for FF9. Of course, the enhanced port of Final Fantasy 8 still has yet to hit the PlayStation Store, so PS4 gamers may be waiting a long time to get their hands on FF9. In any case, if it sells well on PC, it will likely be ported to as many systems as possible, and perhaps if this enhanced port drums up enough interest, we may even see a complete FF9 remake in the vein of the Final Fantasy 7 remake.

Final Fantasy 9 is slated for release on PC later this year, and in the case of Japan, mobile devices as well.

Source: IGN