Final Fantasy 8 Remastered New Footage Highlights Rinoa and Her Dog Angelo

Final Fantasy 8 Angelo Cannon move

As one of the biggest surprise game announcements at E3 2019Final Fantasy 8 Remastered is set to be one of the most anticipated Final Fantasy game updates, aside from Final Fantasy 7. With today being International Dog Day 2019, Square Enix has celebrated by revealing footage from the upcoming remaster of Rinoa and her helpful dog, Angelo.

Final Fantasy 8's Rinoa is a somewhat tragic character and playable party member who is incredibly close to Angelo, or Sant' Angelo di Roma. In battle, she primarily uses a cannon on her left arm from which she launches various projectiles, including Angelo herself.

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A video was posted to Final Fantasy's official Twitter page today in celebration of International Dog Day. It showcases the pairing of Rinoa and Angelo, as well as their variety of moves and attacks that can handily take down a group of foes soon, now that Final Fantasy 8 Remastered's release date has been revealed.

The first move illustrated in the video is titled "Angelo Cannon." This move is quite straightforward, as it sees Rinoa use her arm cannon to fire Angelo at enemies, causing lethal explosions. The next tactic shown in the footage is "Invincible Moon," which makes the party invincible for a set amount of time.

Finally, the move known as "Wishing Star" is shown. Wishing Star sees Rinoa and Angelo attack their foes by first teleporting with them to outer space. As seen in the gameplay video, the stranded enemies are then hit from a multitude of angles like a projectile by Rinoa and Angelo. This attack ultimately deals a great deal of damage and is an epic finisher to any battle.

Square Enix clearly wants to show their spirit for International Dog Day in this Twitter post. Angelo may well be among gaming's most memorable canine companions, which also include Dogmeat from Fallout and Rush from the Mega Man games. As such, it appears highly appropriate that Square Enix would celebrate by offering a preview of the remaster for Final Fantasy 8.

Final Fantasy 8 Remastered is set to launch September 3, 2019, on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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