Final Fantasy 8 Remake a Possibility, Says Square Director

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In recent years, Square Enix has taken to giving passionate Final Fantasy fans exactly what they have been clamoring for on message boards for the better part of a decade. The long string of Final Fantasy remasters has been well-received, with grizzled veterans of the series appreciating the better graphics and easier accessibility while new fans have been made thanks to fresh reviews bringing the series back to the fore. The latest remaster in the series, Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age, has actually left Square Enix in a bit of a quandary, however, says game director Takashi Katano - making the possibility of a Final Fantasy 8 remake much higher.

According to Katano, Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age is the last HD remastering option that was originally launched on the PS2. While Square Enix has already released visually crisper versions of PS1 Final Fantasy games on platforms like Steam, though, Katano suggested that remastering PS1 classics wouldn't be possible without sacrificing Square's quality standards:

"You look at the other titles in the series and technologically anything before the PS2 era is going to be difficult to do a modern remaster of to a suitable level of quality...that means a [future game] is more likely to be a remake."

Katano's interview, which was conducted by International Business Times, seems to suggest that Square Enix has been considering more Final Fantasy remakes outside of the already announced Final Fantasy 7 Remake. With the Final Fantasy 30th anniversary celebrations in full swing, it would make sense for Square Enix to consider revisiting other iconic entries in the series with full on remakes, with games like Final Fantasy 8Final Fantasy 6, and Final Fantasy 9 all strong contenders that have incredibly devoted fans.

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It's also worth noting that, if Square Enix is only considering remakes from the PS1-era of Final Fantasy, there are only two options. Given that Final Fantasy 7 Remake is already in development, could we see a trilogy of remakes in chronological order, with Final Fantasy 8 Remake getting announced in the future with a Final Fantasy 9 Remake to follow?

Katano's comments at least seem to confirm a theory many fans had speculated on since the Final Fantasy 30th anniversary celebrations began. Some industry insiders seemed to believe that a collection of Final Fantasy titles would be remastered and released together to celebrate the franchise's storied history, and while that's still possible, it would seem that Square Enix is considering revisiting Final Fantasy's past in a much different - and, perhaps, much more exciting - way.

Source: International Business Times

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