Final Fantasy 7 Switch Has Game-Breaking Bug

final fantasy 7 switch has game-breaking bug

Nintendo fans had to wait decades, but Final Fantasy 7 is finally available on a Nintendo console. Released just recently for the Switch and Xbox One, Final Fantasy 7 gives players the chance to relive the classic Square Enix JRPG with some quality of life improvements and cheats to make up for some of its more outdated features. While it may be considered an improvement over the original game in general, though, it appears this version of Final Fantasy 7 suffers from a game-breaking bug.

Final Fantasy 7 on Switch, and possibly on Xbox One as well, has a game-breaking bug originally discovered in the PC release. The bug occurs a few hours into the game, making it impossible for players to enter Shinra HQ because a character doesn't appear when they're supposed to. PC players that run into this Final Fantasy 7 bug can download some things to fix their save file, but those playing on Switch are out of luck.

One way players can possibly avoid this bug is by making multiple save files. It's possible that they can re-load an older save file and avoid the bug, though what exactly triggers it is unknown at this time, so we can't say what to do to make sure it doesn't happen at all. At any rate, multiple save files should at least alleviate some of the headache and help players continue Final Fantasy 7.

final fantasy 7 switch has game breaking bug

Something else that may make this bug at least a little less frustrating are the Final Fantasy 7 cheats that have been added in these re-releases of the game. These cheats make it possible for players to blow through Final Fantasy 7 unimpeded so that they can focus on enjoying the story instead of fighting a ton of random battles and the like. Better yet, these cheats don't disable trophies or achievements for those playing on PS4 and Xbox One, so players can still unlock everything when using them.

While there are some things in place that make this Final Fantasy 7 Switch bug a little more tolerable, it's still a shame that it's in the game at all, especially since the bug was found in the PC version over a year ago. Maybe Square Enix will finally release a patch to fix the issue, but if not, we recommend Final Fantasy 7 Switch players make multiple saves just to be on the safe side.

Final Fantasy 7 is out now for iOS, Android, PC, PS1, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: Game Informer

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