One of the PlayStation’s most beloved titles is rumored to finally be getting the rerelease gamers have been hoping for, but it might not be in the form we expected. While a Final Fantasy VII HD remake has long been in the cards for developer Square Enix (who shipped the game way back when they were Squaresoft) that idea seems to rank pretty low on Square’s list of priorities.

A rerelease of the game for today’s platforms, however, seems much more likely, and is actually rumored for Steam. Obviously Square Enix isn’t going to comment on Final Fantasy VII‘s release for Steam, like price point or release date-wise, but our money is on this being very real.

Code for the game was discovered briefly on Steam’s backend before it was put where prying eyes could no longer see it, and a domain was registered for Final Fantasy VII on the PC, both pretty substantial indicators that this rerelease is coming very soon. Along with the existence of the game being outed, a few new features are reportedly coming to this Steam release, including a new option called ‘Character Booster’ that helps players get out of sticky situations.

With any RPG, especially ones from the older generations, if a player didn’t level their party appropriately they oftentimes would find themselves up against more difficult enemies with no way out. There are obviously ways around this type of situation, but just in case this Character Booster would allow any gamer to max out their party’s level to get past a particularly difficult boss encounter (and Final Fantasy VII has plenty of them).

And for those gamers who would prefer a Final Fantasy VII experience a little closer to the original, there’s the Vita release that was teased during Sony’s E3 Press Conference. The franchise itself might be in a bit of a slump, but at least gamers can relive its heyday.

Are you going to be picking up Final Fantasy VII when it becomes available for PC or Vita? Do you think that a ‘Character Booster’ feature is a good idea for RPGs or sacrilege?

Source: Shacknews