Square Enix’s Play Arts Kai line officially debuts an action figure for one of the most well-known characters from Final Fantasy 7 by depicting Sephiroth in toy form.

It seems as if Square Enix is intending to capitalize on the hype of Final Fantasy 15‘s forthcoming September release date with a celebration for one of the best titles in the franchise, if not one of the most treasured gaming releases in the history of the medium by debuting a Final Fantasy 7 figure modeled after the RPG’s chief antagonist Sephiroth. Starting now, fans of Square Enix’s epic saga can pre-order the game’s villain in toy form for a whopping $150, but they shouldn’t expect to receive it right away, as it’s scheduled to officially release from Play Arts Kai in February 2017.

Standing at 10 inches tall, the main baddie of Final Fantasy 7 not only comes draped in his iconic black coat with silver pauldrons, but also Sephiroth comes with several other accessories. For instance, those who pre-order the action figure will get interchangeable hands, a detachable wing, and the character’s ridiculously long Masamune sword.

As seen in the gallery below, the Play Arts Kai model of Sephiroth is primarily designed after his version from the animated film Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children, with his lengthy, silver locks whirling in a non-existent wind being “depicted using clear materials to give it a realistic translucence,” as per the Square Enix description of the figure. Not to mention, the run down goes on to say that “his eyes are finely colored to appear as if glowing with Mako energy.”









As many hardcore Final Fantasy 7 fans are surely aware, Sephiroth isn’t the first character from the game to be revealed in Play Arts Kai’s line of action figures. In fact, several months ago, the company confirmed that the remake’s versions of Cloud and Barret are coming as figurines as well after having displayed early prototypes of the protagonists at the annual Jump Festa event in Japan last year.

Interestingly enough, Play Arts Kai have dabbled in lots of different gaming franchises other than Final Fantasy 7. As it happens, one of the company’s more popular product lines centered around Halo: Reach action figures with a notable run featuring half of the title’s Noble 6 crew of Carter, Kat, and Jorge. Of course, much like with the Sephiroth figure above, the UNSC Marines each came with options allowing fans to customize them to their liking and¬†were put together with incredible attention to detail. Speaking of life-like features, Play Arts Kai’s work is so intricate that the company and Hideo Kojima¬† came under fire from critics after releasing a Metal Gear Solid 5 Quiet figure, as her model came complete with soft breasts.

At any rate, many Final Fantasy 7 fans will almost certainly agree that while Play Arts Kai’s Sephiroth figure is indeed pricey, its craftsmanship definitely appears to be top notch. Should folks be able to afford it, having this particular model of the One-Winged Angel would certainly be a stellar addition to any Final Fantasy 7 fan’s collection.

The next playable Final Fantasy 7 project to release will be the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, which is currently in development for PlayStation 4.

Source: Square Enix Store (via Game Informer, GameSpot)