Final Fantasy 7 Remake Art Envisions Sector 8, References Crisis Core

final fantasy 7 remake concept art

Square Enix continues to tease content from Final Fantasy 7 Remake on the game's official Twitter account. The most recent addition is a new post comparing a piece of concept art with an in-game screenshot. Today's comparison focuses on the all-important Sector 8 location, a location that plays a hugely significant role in both Final Fantasy 7 and its prequel Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7. Series fans may even notice a particular sign reading, "Loveless," in both photos with more meaning than first implied.

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake concept art may actually be somewhat surprising to past Final Fantasy 7 players. The art features much more modern building, layered with wires and signs as if the future was simply built over the past. The original Final Fantasy 7's Sector 8 was much more industrial and less lived in. That said, the concept art offers a more casual atmosphere where it's easy to imagine a woman selling passers-by flowers.

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Alternatively, the screenshot of what should be a similar area of Sector 8 in Final Fantasy 7 Remake shows a much more familiar locale. Cloud is standing in the street with buildings towering above him to all sides. It's a much more sanitized and industrial view of Sector 8. There are people mingling in the street, phone boxes, a mailbox, and even a street sign with a menu for a nearby bar or restaurant. Still, the difference between the concept art and the screenshot is striking.

Regarding the "Loveless" signs, they're prominent in both photos. A large blue neon sign is at the top of a building in the concept art, while in the screenshot there's a small sign reading "Welcome Loveless" on the left and a bigger billboard "LOVELESS" in the distance on the right. Loveless is an epic poem that plays a major role in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7, but not the original Final Fantasy 7. To see it much more prevalent in Final Fantasy 7 Remake begs the question: is Square Enix going to make the Crisis Core storyline much more significant this time around?

Given how Square Enix loves its expanded universes involving cross-media products, it rewriting Final Fantasy 7 to more directly connect to other Final Fantasy 7-related games wouldn't be surprising. Since the release of Final Fantasy 7, Square Enix has put out three follow-up games, a major motion picture, an anime film, and more. It wouldn't be surprising to see Square Enix fold ideas from all of these products into a single game, whether it makes the game better or not.

There's a lot left for Square Enix to show regarding Final Fantasy 7 Remake. The game, which is just the first portion of a longer saga that will make up the full Final Fantasy 7 story, remains a mystery. But each bit of new information, new screenshots and concept art, reveals that much more regarding what players can expect.

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake releases March 3, 2020 on PS4.

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