Final Fantasy 7 Remake Producer Offers Visuals & Combat Update

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When first revealed at E3 2015, the Final Fantasy 7 Remake came as a welcome surprise to the gamers in attendance and to those watching around the world. Ever since Square Enix teased everyone with the prospect of revisiting Cloud Strife’s epic adventure with a PS3 tech demo at E3 2006, Final Fantasy 7 Remake has been one of the most requested game remakes ever, and it’s finally coming to fruition.

While more substantial Final Fantasy 7 news is coming later this winter, a producer on the game has offered a progress update for fans that are chomping at the bit to learn everything they can about the highly anticipated title.

Speaking with popular Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, producer Yoshinori Kitase has given a small update on the progress being made in terms of Final Fantasy 7 Remake‘s graphics and combat system. “We’re starting to see the visual direction,” Kitase confirmed to Famitsu.

Based on the Final Fantasy 7 Remake reveal trailer that was shown at E3 a couple of months ago, one would assume that the character designs and graphics would emulate the popular Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children film. Of course, with development on the game still expected to take at least a few more years, the visual style could change quite significantly. One thing we know for sure regarding Final Fantasy 7 Remake‘s graphics is that the game won’t utilize Square Enix’s Luminous Engine, but a more solid visual direction should come as development on the game continues.

As stated previously, Kitase also addressed the progress being made in regards to the game’s battle system. “On the other hand, we’re currently working out the battle system and such through trial-and-error,” he said. “Since there’s a possibility that the command battle system of the old days might not work today, we’re thinking hard about what kind of direction we can take it. Normally, when you do a remake, it becomes somewhere along the lines of a familiar action RPG, so we’re looking at how we can put out something like Final Fantasy 7 while still surprising players.”

Final Fantasy 7 Remake's Combat Has Dramatic Changes

Previously, it was said by the director of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Tetsuya Nomura, that the combat system in the game will have dramatic changes compared to the original. Considering Nomura’s penchant for action RPGs, it’s quite possible that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake will largely ignore the traditional turn-based combat system that defined the original game. In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising at all to see a much more action-oriented Final Fantasy 7 when the remake releases, one that wouldn’t look much different, from a combat perspective, than Nomura’s other games, such as Kingdom Hearts.

So while we wait for gameplay footage and more substantial updates, it’s reassuring to have these small updates from producer Yoshinori Kitase in the meantime. Whatever direction Square Enix decides to go with Final Fantasy 7 Remake, hopefully they are able to please fans of the original while also making new fans of the franchise in the process.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake doesn’t have a release window or release date, but it will be coming to PlayStation 4 at some point in the future.

Source: Gematsu