Final Fantasy 7 Remake Recreates Classic Scene from Game

final fantasy 7 original character art

Square Enix has gone to great lengths to recreate the visuals of Final Fantasy 7 respectfully for Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Since the JRPG's announcement, Square Enix has released a stream of screenshots and gameplay footage easily compared to memorable scenes and sequences from the original game. Today, Square Enix continued that effort in an especially poignant way, releasing a recreation of what's perhaps Final Fantasy 7's most iconic piece of art.

The art in question is from Final Fantasy 7's original box art. On the original PlayStation casing, the art features Cloud turned to face the towering Shinra building in the distance. However, the image has a bright white filter for the background that kind of smudges everything.

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Final Fantasy 7's box art is taken from a piece of key art for the game, one of several pieces of character art made for Final Fantasy 7's individual party members. The art in question is, naturally, for the protagonist Cloud. It showcases the daunting task ahead of the game's hero, and is a perfect chance to show how far Square Enix has come in the decades since. Square Enix recreated this piece of art in impressive detail using the Final Fantasy 7 Remake graphics engine.

In addition to the classic Cloud art, there are also art pieces for each individual Final Fantasy 7 party member. There's Barret standing in front of the church flower garden, Tifa in Nibelheim staring up at the stars, and more. Hopefully, Square Enix is able to recreate all of these pieces of character art as the company moves further forward in remaking Final Fantasy 7's story. For now, however, the Cloud artwork is more than enough.

final fantasy 7 remake cloud shinra art enlarged

All in all, Square Enix has simply released a single piece of art. It's not a new Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer and it's not a reveal of a major feature. But it's perhaps all the more important. It continues to show how Square Enix remains dedicated to the legacy of the original game. So much is being changed to update the remake for a modern generation, but at least in some ways, the heart of the original Final Fantasy 7 release is being retained.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake releases March 3, 2020, on PS4.

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