Is A ‘Final Fantasy 7’ Remake On The Way?

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Imagine for one grim, gut-wrenching moment that Gabe Newell and co. never get around to releasing Half-Life 3. Imagine that the survival of the Steam network depended upon it – that the very fuel used to run it all contained 100% unfiltered fanboy tears. At what point then would the rumor mill really subside, when would fans finally feel comfortable in letting go?

That’s a question the folks at Square Enix must ask themselves daily. Having produced one of the all-time greatest games in Final Fantasy 7, the studio has spent much of the intervening years fending off spirited fan-led requests for a remake.

The latest such rumors appear courtesy of NeoGAF user ‘Verendus’, a figure named by VG 24/7 as an “industry insider.” Posting in response to recent comments made by FF7 creator Yoshinori Kitase – in which the vaunted director stated his reservations about the project – Verendus concluded:

“It’s happening. He’s obviously not going to give any indication as such though so it hardly matters until they’re ready to announce something. His comments make sense. It’s a huge project that will take a lot of effort, and demand a lot from him personally, in order to ensure the end result is something satisfactory.”

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While it’s said that NeoGAF employs a policy of requiring proof for these kinds of posts – with unfounded gossip often leading to lengthy bans — it’s unknown just how strict the present system actually is. Neither Verendus nor NeoGAF has revealed the source of this new information, with neither party likely to. With that being the case it becomes difficult to place any trust in this supposed leak, no matter ‘Verendus’ apparent clout.

Given the level of nostalgia surrounding Final Fantasy 7, not to mention the technological quantum leap between then and now, and the prospect of a wholly successful remake seems highly unlikely. Spruce up the graphics, and the rest of the game may feel clunky in comparison, rework the gameplay and Square risks obscuring the original title’s essence. With many of the recent Final Fantasy outings failing the rediscover the magic of FF7, a return trip to the world of Gaia may tempt Square as a means to rediscovering the series’ form and popularity. Of course, a botched job could also serve to do just the opposite.

Is this latest rumor legit or yet another red herring for fans? Can a next-gen FF7 ever hope to live up to the original? Should Square Enix really be pursuing remakes over new and creative visions? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check in with all of the latest Final Fantasy news, right here on Game Rant.


Final Fantasy 7 is available on PC, PSX and via the PlayStation Network.

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Source: VG 24/7