Final Fantasy 7 Remake Wants to Exceed the Original, Says Posting

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A Final Fantasy 7 Remake is in the works, and since the first announcement of the remake last year, more and more has gradually been revealed about what fans can expect from the PlayStation 4 exclusive. Up to this point, fans didn't know much about the highly anticipated remake, but a posting has suggested that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake aims to exceed the original, instead of just being another remaster.

In a posting for a new job opportunity, Square Enix has revealed that it is aiming at a “new creation” of Final Fantasy 7 that isn’t just a simple remake, but that a full-scale development team is being used to create “a game that exceeds the original” Final Fantasy 7. According to the posting, creating a remake that is better than the original is “in a sense more challenging than creating new games” and it’s a job that has an impact on the world as well as one’s growth as a creator. This job will involve “creating a new worldview while protecting concepts familiar to the players,” and that is no easy task.

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That being said, a new job opportunity has recently been posted by Square Enix, and it reveals that Square Enix is looking for a Battle Planner for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. A Battle Planner will typically work on a battle system that combines commands and action, and the Battle Planner needs to design enemies and bosses, as well as planning the environment according to the player’s growth. This reveals that, indeed, this is not simply a remake, but that new "action elements [will be] added to traditional strategy” in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Final Fantasy 7 is arguably still one of the most liked Final Fantasy games in the series, so it would be great to see the elements of the original Final Fantasy 7 in tact in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. It is good to see though that Square Enix is trying to make the game even better than the original, but whether they will succeed in keeping the nostalgia from the original Final Fantasy 7 in the remake is yet to be seen.

Currently, the Final Fantasy 7 Remake is in development for the PlayStation 4.

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