Avengers, Final Fantasy 7 Remake 2019 Release Dates Unlikely

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When considering Square Enix's E3 2019 line-up of games, two stand apart from any other. The Avengers project, in development at Crystal Dynamics, and the  Final Fantasy 7 remake are both very highly anticipated releases and fans are champing at the bit for more information about them. Come E3, both may be featured during or around the convention but a 2019 release date seems increasingly unlikely following official comments from Square Enix.

Monday's Square Enix's quarterly fiscal report held some interesting details for interested fans. According to Square Enix, "most" of its remaining releases for the fiscal year will arrive in the last half of the term. And beyond that, shareholders shouldn't expect much in the way of profit contribution from those games this fiscal year. For those unfamiliar, this fiscal year ends on March 2020.

Based on Square Enix's announced plans, the likelihood of a major game release like The Avengers project or Final Fantasy 7 remake in 2019 seems very unlikely. Even an early 2020 release isn't certain. But if one of these two games get a release date confirmation this June, it's likely to be planned for the end of the fiscal year.

One potential scenario, which seems realistic given Square Enix's posturing, is that the Final Fantasy 7 remake's first chapter is showcased during E3 2019 or otherwise in June (PlayStation is skipping E3 2019) and launches in March 2020. Given that Final Fantasy 7 was already shown in Sony's recent State of Play broadcast, and Square Enix teased that there is "more to come in June," the Final Fantasy 7 remake's first chapter seems to be the most likely candidate for an early 2020 release date.

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On the other hand, Square Enix's Avengers game doesn't seem to fit into the company's plans for the fiscal year. Given the popularity of Marvel and the intrigue surrounding the project, a holiday launch makes sense, but if Square Enix doesn't have a large release in 2019, then a late 2020 launch seems a better fit. It may even be a next-gen PS5 and Xbox One console launch game.

With the next generation of consoles releasing in the relatively near future, Square Enix's plans, like most publishers, are likely focused on launch. If a game isn't already announced or to be announced soon, then it's probably safer to reserve for late 2020 or thereafter. Anything's possible, of course, and fans won't have to wait long for E3 2019 where Square Enix's plans for the remaining fiscal year are likely to be shared publically.

Neither The Avengers nor the Final Fantasy 7 remake have a currently announced release window. Final Fantasy 7 is confirmed for the PlayStation 4.

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