Final Fantasy 7 Release Date Announced for PS4 Port

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At E3 2015, Square Enix and Sony shocked the gaming world by announcing a full-on remake of Final Fantasy 7. A Final Fantasy 7 remake has been one of the most fan-requested games in history, ever since it was teased 10 years ago at E3 2005, and while it may be a couple of years off, just knowing that the long-awaited game is actually in development is enough for most fans.

In the meantime, another Final Fantasy 7 announcement was made during E3 last week, but with all the hype over the remake, it may have flew under the radar for most. As it turns out, PS4 owners will get a chance to relive the Final Fantasy 7 adventure long before the remake is released, as Square Enix announced that FF7 is coming to iOS and PS4.

It’s unknown at this point when the iOS version is going to drop, but today Square Enix has announced a release date for the PS4 port of Final Fantasy 7. Fans can expect to return to Midgar and rejoin Cloud and the gang on October 16th.

This Final Fantasy 7 port is not just a port of the original PS1 release, however. It is actually the HD version of Final Fantasy 7 that was released on Steam a couple of years ago. This means that PlayStation fans will finally be able to enjoy some of the additional features and benefits that were introduced in the Steam release, including trophy support and the aforementioned HD visuals.

Final Fantasy 7

It’s unknown at this time if all of the enhancements of the PC version will translate to the PS4 port, such as the controversial Character Booster feature. For those unaware, the Character Booster fully levels all of the characters on a save file so that players may breeze through the game to enjoy it for its story instead of having to worry about grinding for XP. Honestly, this is a pretty good idea, especially for those that want to see what Final Fantasy 7 is all about without having to deal with the usual conventions of a JRPG, and it doesn’t keep gamers that want to enjoy the game normally from doing so.

Of course, what fans really want to learn more about is the FF7 remake. Square Enix has divulged at least some information on the game, such as the fact that the Final Fantasy 7 remake will have plot and gameplay changes. What those changes are exactly haven’t been revealed just yet, but fans can look forward to hearing more about the game later this year, as Square Enix plans on announcing more news on the Final Fantasy 7 remake this winter.

With the totally remade version of Final Fantasy 7 still a long ways off, hopefully this PS4 port of the enhanced Final Fantasy 7 can help eager fans cope with the long wait ahead of them.

Final Fantasy 7 will be available for PS4 on October 16th.

Source: IGN